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Baja California is Mexico’s most western state located just south of California. The Tijuana/San Diego border region is one of the largest in the world for both tourism and commercial trade. With the enactment of NAFTA, Mexico has invested significantly in infrastructure improvements to maintain existing roads and transportation corridors, as well as invest in new infrastructure in order attract new commercial trade to the region.

infrastructure-logistics-mexicoHighways & Transportation

Tijuana and the Otay Mesa Commercial border crossings are located just minutes south of San Diego, California, giving commercial transportation access to all major North American trade corridors and highways. Baja California has a strong network of well-maintained highways with Highway 1 as the major artery connecting the entire state to the US via San Diego. Running east from Tijuana, Highway 2 provides direct connection to eastern commercial land ports of entry like those in Nogales and El Paso.

Deep water Seaport

In addition to several thousand miles of highways and railways used to move raw materials and finished products throughout the region and to major North American markets, Baja California also has one deep water port located in Ensenada. A mere 63 miles south of Tijuana/San Diego, Ensenada’s deep water port is directly linked to over 60 major international commercial ports, including the global hubs of Los Angeles, Long Beach and Hong Kong.

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Not only does Mexico’s infrastructure feed right into major North American transportation routes and NAFTA corridors, but additionally both U.S. and Mexican customs are structured for expedited processing and logistics back to the United States. CPI works directly with customs brokers and logistics firms to provide its clients quick and effortless transportation back to the United States.

C-TPAT: Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism


C-TPAT is a US administered customs and trade voluntary business-government program to strengthen the supply chain and border security.   It aims to reduce time and cost of cargo transportation and its release, to reduce insurance rates, and provide a competitive advantage to its participants. Companies that participate in the program also become eligible for the FAST Lane Program commercial crossings at US ports of entry.

CTPAT-FAST-LANESOnce certified, companies are considered low-risk, which results in speedier customs processing and fewer customs examinations. CPI can help manufacturers become certified in the C-TPAT and FAST Lane Programs as a part of administrative and shelter company services.

NEW, FASTER PROCESSING: Otay Mesa Commercial Crossing

Otay Mesa is located just 15 minutes east of Tijuana and 20 minutes south of San Diego, California. Designated as the only commercial crossing in all of Southern California, Otay Mesa sees more than 1.4 million commercial trucks crossings into the United States a year.

Otay-Mesa 1

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The U.S. and Mexico also share common interests and are more likely to concur in best practices as they relate to global competitiveness.

In a nutshell, the U.S. and Mexico cultural similarities will undoubtedly ensure the global competitiveness and economic prosperity of those companies willing to venture into new horizons.

Co-Production International Manufacturing Services in MexicoCo-Production International is strategically headquartered in San Diego, California and is "The premiere Administrative Services Provider in Mexico". As your Administrative Services Provider our role is to facilitate the successful expansion of your manufacturing operation in Mexico.

We handle the complete set-up of your operation and manage the day-to-day administrative duties in accordance with Mexican regulations allowing you to control and focus 100% on manufacturing.

Together we succeed by assisting you in ensuring your competitive advantage through Mexico! One of the most cost effective labor markets in the world.