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Wednesday, May 17th

Time: 12:00 – 2:00pm 
Location: Flinn Foundation 1902 N
Central Avenue, Phoenix AZ, 85003

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During this seminar, you will learn about the manufacturing industry in Mexico featuring the Aerospace Industry in Baja California.
We will cover important factors such as proximity to major markets, infrastructure, labor wages, supply chain, transportation and ease of doing business.
You will also gather up-to-date figures on Mexico total manufacturing cost and the benefits they represent to your company.

Dont miss this opportunity!
 will build your own cost analysis that includes salaries, overhead and estimated start-up cost of setting up manufacturing in Mexico.

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Why are Aerospace Companies Manufacturing in Mexico?

When manufacturers consider moving or expanding operations they often look outside the United States to reduce manufacturing costs and increase margins. The cost benefits in Mexico can be found at every level of operation; from an abundance of highly-skilled and low-cost workforce, next-door transportation and logistics savings, to reduced or no-tariff import/export on manufactured goods.

In the past decade, there has been more aerospace-related foreign direct investment in Mexico than in any other country in the world. According to Fernando González Díaz, CEO of ProMéxico,

the sustained growth of the Mexican aerospace industry is the result of coordinated industry, academia and government jobs.

Baja California’s aerospace cluster began fifty years ago and has evolved into the largest and most established aerospace cluster in Mexico today. Its 80-plus aerospace companies in Mexico are spread between the clusters of Tijuana and Mexicali and the cities of Ensenada and Tecate. The state is home to companies such as Honeywell, UTC, GKN and Eaton, with a clear focus on electrical and electronic systems, engine parts, assembly of interior and seats, control and navigation instruments, and engineering and design.

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