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Why NAFTA Negotiations Won’t Impact Medical Device & Aerospace Industries

Special One-Day Baja Manufacturing Tour & Educational Forum on DECEMBER 7th, 2017!

Come see why over 5,000 US manufacturers have chosen Mexico!

This is your chance to find out exactly how and why NAFTA negotiations won’t impact medical device and aerospace manufacturers. (Registration closes on Monday, December 4th)

Join us at this unique, no-cost forum where you will:

  • Learn from a panel of experts how NAFTA impacts the aerospace and medical device industries in Mexico
  • Learn about US/Mexico trade agreements specific to medical device and aerospace industries
  • How manufacturers get started in Mexico
  • Visit world-class manufacturing facilities in Tijuana and Tecate
  • Enjoy BajaMed cuisine and regional award-winning wines

Tour agenda includes:
Visit world-class manufacturing operations in Mexico:

  • Tour manufacturing facilities known as Centers for Manufacturing Excellence in their respective industries.
  • Speak with Plant Managers who will share their experiences in establishing a manufacturing facility in Mexico.

Educational Forum addressing:
International Trade Agreements:

Experts in international trade and compliance from both US and Mexico will cover this hot topic, providing insight on how to interpret the direction NAFTA could be heading and how it will impact the aerospace and medical device industry.

3 Ways on How to Start Manufacturing in Mexico:

  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Stand Alone: Establish Your Own Maquiladora
  • The Shelter Program: A Turnkey Entry Manufacturing Program

Taste of Baja Mediterranean Cuisine:
Attendees are treated to a dinner showcasing the region’s cuisine and award-winning wines.

Don’t miss out on this unique chance to get up to speed on NAFTA and how it will impact you! 

Industrial Tour and presentations are hosted by Co-Production International a Mexico Shelter Services Provider.

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