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INSIDER SERIES A Workweek in Mexico

A Workweek in Mexico: Labor Law, Work Shift, Holidays and Overtime

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"A Workweek in Mexico: Labor Law, Work Shift, Holidays and Overtime"

The labor hours in Mexico are of 48 hours a week and can be arranged to meet the schedules of manufacturing companies. On this document you will learn about the Mexican labor law requirements for employee overtime, shifts/labor hours distribution, holidays and other factors to be considered.

An Interview with Denisse Martinez, CPI ’s Business Development

With over 10 years’ experience, Denisse found her passion at Co-Production International. Denisse focuses on the Implementation of a high-impact marketing strategy and attraction plan by studying economic indicators, tracking changes in supply and demand, and identifying manufacturer’s current and future needs. Denisse is a strong believer in The link between marketing and education efforts, connecting not only manufacturers but the community to the opportunities in Mexico’s manufacturing industry.

What are Mexican labor laws and mandatory employee bene its in Mexico?

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