Medical Device Industry in Baja California Mexico2The potential of Baja California's strategic location, cost efficiency, skilled labor force and other factors have brought some of the best known Medical Device Companies to manufacture in Mexico. These company's processes lay in assembling and manufacturing surgical instruments and parts for other medical products, most of them located in Tijuana and Mexicali. According to the Global Trade Atlas, Mexico is the sixth largest exporter of Medical products.

Mexico's Nearshore platform facilitates engineering, intellectual property protection, quality control and safety certification, especially for the manufacturing of sensitive products to U.S., Canada and European markets.

There are over 79 Medical Device companies in Baja California which represent more than half of the industry's presence in Mexico. Around 620,000 workers (over 41,000 in Tijuana) make the region the largest industry concentration in North America, a leading hub for Medical Device manufacturing and the headquarters for the public-private alliance: Medical Devices Clusters of the Californias.

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The government of the region has designed qualification courses for its workforce; where they are required to complete extensive training courses which boost their productivity and allow them to learn about the industry's high standard requirements. Countless technical schools have been established in the region where the workforce is trained according to the specifications of the Medical Device Manufacturing Industry. These collaborative efforts result in highly skilled and experienced workforce, with over 15,000 engineering students.

The highlights of the medical device industry in Mexico include:

  • Knowledge and technology transfer capabilities
  • The products are FDA Class I, II and III
  • Medical Device products cluster integration
  • R&D is oriented to improve the product, processes and work methods
  • The clean rooms go from Class 100 to 100,000
  • Modern logistics infrastructure and communication development in the region
  • Cost to Market that is less than Asia
  • Immediate access to North American markets
  • A world class manufacturing culture, with over 90% plants ISO certified
  • Government pro-business culture focused on developing Medical manufacturing
  • Over 45 years of Medical Manufacturing experience and expertise

co production logoAt Co-Production International, Inc. we emphasize the importance of investing or moving Medical Device manufacturing facilities in to the Baja California region, as it boasts a pro-business environment, which companies can benefit from. Co-Production invites manufacturers of medical device to assess how Baja California can be the Mexican frontier for their businesses.

The Medical Industry will continue to grow thanks to the new companies that have started operations in Tijuana such as Össur and Fisher & Paykel Healthcare and the expansions of many others.

Baja California offers two primary attractions for the foreign investors:

  • Close proximity to the US and Canada, the largest market for medical devices in Mexico, after Brazil
  • Augmented opportunities for medical device manufacturers from the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific through beneficial NAFTA clauses

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