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Expanding, Relocating or simply Starting a new manufacturing facility in Mexico

Strategic Locations for Setting up Manufacturing in Mexico

Mexico’s strategic manufacturing locations offer you unparalleled benefits for your site selection; proximity, ease of doing business, cultural alignment, quality workforce, low cost labor, supply chain and logistics. 

Top Manufacturing Areas in Mexico

Various site selection factors influence your decision to manufacture in Mexico. Our nearshore neighbor covers all your criteria: low-cost, strategic location, quality and experience, industry expertise, improved speed to-market and better cultural alignment, just to name a few.

Though Mexico boasts numerous cities dedicated to manufacturing, the border cities of Tijuana, Mexicali and Tecate offer additional strategic advantages over the mainland. In addition to 40 – 60% labor cost savings typical throughout Mexico, proximity to the major North American markets of the United States and Canada significantly reduce time-in-transit and supply chain costs.

Tijuana is one of Mexico's top industrial cities with a fast growing manufacturing activityTijuana, BC Mexico

The television manufacturing capital of the world. Tijuana captures every manufacturing sector, from aerospace to medical devices and everything in between. Learn more about Tijuana’s dedicated manufacturing labor force and all it has to offer you for manufacturing excellence and success.

Mexicali is rapidly becoming a location of choice for manufacturing, attracting major national and international companiesMexicali, BC Mexico

The capital of Baja California and a top manufacturing city on the border. Aerospace is big here and is home to Honeywell’s Flight Control System Testing lab where engineering students study and are funneled directly into the workforce. Learn more about this engineering hub and how it can help you innovate today!

Tecate is a growing sector focused on electronics, medical device and plastics industriesTecate, BC Mexico

Tecate Pueblo Magico offers manufacturers all the bells and whistles of a well-established and modern industrial infrastructure without the traffic and congestion. Over 135 companies manufacture in this city which is also home to Tecate Beer. Are you ready to learn more about this manufacturing hub?

Maintain JUST IN TIME Delivery

Maintain "JUST-IN-TIME" Delivery

Companies can maintain "just-in- time" delivery to their consumers and distributors with Mexico’s modern logistics and supply chain infrastructure.

Short Reaction Time to any Production

Short Reaction Time to any Production

Reaction time to any production or operational issues on the factory floor can be resolved in hours, not days or weeks.

Maintaining Greater Operational Control

Maintaining Greater Operational Control

Maintaining greater operational control of the manufacturing base is less challenging because of its proximity to the corporate office.

manufacturing tijuana mexico

Full Manufacturing Operation Support

Co-Production International, Inc. (CPI) operates branch offices in Tijuana and Tecate to support your manufacturing operations in Mexico.
South American Marketplace Opportunity

South American Marketplace Opportunity

Mexican manufacturing base provides companies with an opportunity to tap into the South American marketplace.

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