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Medical Device Industry in Mexico 2017

Medical Device Manufacturing
in Baja California, Mexico

The potential of Baja California's strategic location, cost efficiency, skilled labor force, industry experience and other factors have brought some of the best known Medical Device Companies to manufacture in Mexico positioning the country as the largest exporter of medical devices to the US.

Medical Device Manufacturing
in Baja California, Mexico

The potential of Baja California's strategic location, cost efficiency, skilled labor force and other factors have brought some of the most well-known medical device companies to manufacture in Mexico. These company's processes span assembling and manufacturing surgical instruments to parts for other medical products.  The highest concentration of medical device manufacturers are in the border cities of Tijuana and Mexicali.

According to the Global Trade Atlas, Mexico is the sixth largest exporter of medical products, including being the largest exporter of medical devices to the US and Latin America. Due to this reach in the US and Latin American markets, more and more medical device companies are expanding into Mexico.

Mexico's Nearshore platform offers engineering, intellectual property protection, quality control and safety certification, especially for the manufacturing of sensitive products to U.S., Canada and European markets.  Manufacturing medical devices in Mexico gives you the same quality and safety of manufacturing at home while taking advantage of a 40-60% savings in labor cost.

Top Medical Device Companies
in Baja California and Mexico

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There are over 79 medical device companies in Baja California which represent more than half of the industry's presence in Mexico. Around 620,000 workers (over 50,000 in Tijuana) make the region the largest industry concentration in North America, a leading hub for medical device manufacturing and the headquarters for the public-private alliance: Medical Devices Clusters of the Californias. Mexico’s medical device Industry will continue to grow thanks to the new companies that have started operations in Tijuana such as Össur and Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, and the expansions of many others.

Medical Device Manufacturing Highlights

R&D is oriented to improve product, processes and work methods

Class 100 to 100,000 clean rooms

Over 45 years of medical manufacturing experience and expertise

Immediate access to North American markets

A world class manufacturing culture, with over 90% plants ISO certified

Government pro-business culture focused on developing medical manufacturing

Knowledge and technology transfer capabilities

Lower cost to market than Asia

The products are FDA Class I, II and III

Medical device products cluster integration

Modern logistics infrastructure and communication development in the region

“Our medical device customers were telling us that the availability of off-shore, low-cost labor would be a criterion for vendor sourcing going forward.”

“We found that buildings were readily available, and business and labor costs were better than in Costa Rica.  We [also] ruled out China because it was not a good fit.  Beyond the political situation and rising labor and shipping costs, it was too far away for us to manage.”

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