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Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing in Tijuana 2016 White Paper

Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing
in Tijuana and Mexico

Advantages of Nearshoring in Mexico, Key Highlights and 2016 Industry Overview.
Why are Aerospace Manufacturers Expanding to Mexico?

Aerospace and Defense
Manufacturing in Mexico

The potential of Baja California's strategic location, cost efficiency, skilled labor force and other factors have brought some of the most well-known medical device companies to manufacture in Mexico. These company's processes span assembling and manufacturing surgical instruments to parts for other medical products.  The highest concentration of medical device manufacturers are in the border cities of Tijuana and Mexicali.

According to the Global Trade Atlas, Mexico is the sixth largest exporter of medical products, including being the largest exporter of medical devices to the US and Latin America.  Due to this reach in the US and Latin American markets, more and more medical device companies are expanding into Mexico.

Top Aerospace Companies in Mexico and Baja California
It’s Time for You to Join the Rest of the World!

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The State of Baja California has the largest concentration of aerospace companies, and therefore a large aerospace supply chain. It is home to over 82 aerospace companies and more than 28,000 employees for design, assembly, manufacture and MRO.  Baja California is known for being the Mexican State with the most dynamic binational aerospace economic activity, excellent access to NAFTA and easy access logistically for raw materials, components and machinery. Baja California has also the only Binational Aerospace Cluster in Mexico.

Aerospace Manufacturing Products and Sectors in Mexico

Thermal processes

Aerospace components

Aircraft components

Aircraft composite structures

Assembly or manufacture of harnesses and wires

Airframe parts
Components for landing systems
Machining and metal turbine parts
Precision equipment
Audio and video systems, electronic components
Maintenance and repair of aircraft interiors
Maintenance and repair of turbines
… And more!

Baja California, Mexico Aerospace Cluster

The United States attracts two thirds of Baja California's exports. The rest goes to Canada, England, France and Germany, among other countries. It should be noted that exports to these countries have maintained a sustained growth since 2002.  Baja California focuses its innovation capabilities on complete integration aircraft testing and interior design. In terms of manufacturing, the state specializes in precision machining, electrical and power systems, hydraulic systems and interiors and metal plate conformation processes. Some companies have internal capabilities for special processes, thermal and surface treatments. They also perform MRO activities on engine parts

 Aircraft Certification Bilateral AgreementsThis progress is further fueled by the Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement (BASA), under which manufactured aerospace parts, components, systems, completely assembled and/or manufactured aircrafts are certified by the Mexico's aeronautical authority in collaboration with US and other aerospace regulation agencies.  CPI’s client BAP Aerospace de Mexico (Barry Avenue Plating) made sure their Tijuana facility carried the same compliance and certifications as their US plant including, Nadcap, AS 9011 and ISO 9002 certifications.  Aircraft manufacturers repair facilities in Baja California have also been approved by the FAA. 

“We plan to replicate the same certification and compliance standards in our Tijuana facility and the infrastructure in Tijuana is world-class and we have had no problem finding highly skilled workers with plating expertise.”

ICON Aircraft looked at the cities of Tijuana, Mexicali, and Juarez... We selected Tijuana, in Baja California, due to the strong pool of workforce talent, industrial infrastructure, and proximity to our California headquarters.”

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