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bap-grand-openingTijuana, Baja California - With an investment of USD $4.5 Million, Barry Avenue's facility is located in Otay's Industrial Zone offering plating services to aerospace companies manufacturing parts in the Baja California region. This expansion will generate 100 new jobs consisting mostly of engineers dedicated to special processes.

According to Miguel Velasco Bustamante, Secretary of Economic Development of Tijuana (SEDETI), with the establishment of Barry Avenue there is no doubt that the Aerospace Cluster is growing strong as one of the most consolidated clusters in Mexico; presenting an annual growth of more than 6% in new companies; and more than 100% in new jobs. He also mentioned that the promotion and attraction of new investment to the region are part of the government's objectives to elevate the competitiveness of the Baja California Aerospace Industry and bring suppliers to fulfill local company's needs, like in Barry Avenue's case, who's processes are providing the cluster with an added value.
bap-grand-openiing1"It's so refreshing to come to a country where the government is your partner, is not that common in California, usually the government is your adversary, but here we have a partnership that wants us and needs us" – Ken Kearsley, President of Barry Avenue Plating Corporation.

During the opening ceremony, Cruz Maldonado, VP of Operations, said that the decision to expand operations to Tijuana was motivated by the dynamic bi-national aerospace economic activity of the region, their existing base of clients in Baja California and the new business opportunities that the fast growing industry offers.

In the next months they will be operating with high technology for anodizing, plating, chemical film, passivating, amongst other special processes. "Right now we are working with Eaton Aerospace and Lockheed Aerospace. Lockheed Martin has given us their approval, we are the first company in Mexico that obtains that certification directly from Lockheed for a special process." – Says Cruz Maldonado.

He continues, "Since we are operating with chemical processes, the company is committed to follow the ecological norms of Mexico and the United States. Our plants are built to protect everything from the ceiling to the air, we are totally green, we want to protect the environment, like one of the owners always say, zero discharge".

enrique-esparza-president-cpi1The establishment of the company required one year, from site selection to replicating the same certifications and compliance standards for the Tijuana facility. Co-Production International the shelter companythe shelter company that guided Barry Avenue through the set-up of the Tijuana operation, made the process quicker and more cost efficient. Co-Production even assisted Barry Avenue in evaluating the market potential and lined up several new customers for them in Baja California.

Barry Avenue Plating de Mexico officially started operations this week, ready for all metal finishing needs and to perform all processing, large parts, small parts, high production or short runs, to the latest applicable prime contractor, military, defense and civilian specifications.

Baja manufacturing tours california co production mexicoWOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE MEXICO'S WORLD CLASS MANUFACTURING OPERATIONS IN ACTION?

Co-Production International offers insider industry tours to get you up close to Tijuana’s world-class manufacturing industries.


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