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logo-cable-assemblyWhitsett, NC – Cable Assembly, LLC a leading manufacturer of Wire Harnesses and Electro-Mechanical Assemblies is pleased to announce the opening of their West Coast assembly facility in Tijuana, Mexico. "Our business has become increasingly price sensitive and Mexico allows us to compete globally, increase productivity and achieve our financial goals", according to Cable Assembly's CEO, Nick Moceri.

Cable Assembly views its Mexico facility as an essential part of its business strategy with low volume technically complex harnesses being produced out of its North Carolina facility and mass production harnesses being produced out of Tijuana. "Now, Cable Assembly has the ability to offer more competitive pricing to our customers. We can win business using our Tijuana facility, and the region provides opportunities for us to gain new customers", states Moceri.

Getting Started In Mexico

wire-harness-assemblywire-harness-assembly"After speaking with other companies who established operations in Mexico, we did not want to spend valuable resources and time learning how to do business in Mexico", states Moceri. For Cable Assembly the process of getting started needed to be quick and easy.

Cable Assembly chose Co-Production International as their Mexican Manufacturing Administrative Partner. "Co-Production's expertise in Mexico made the process easy", according to Cable Assembly's General Manager Jon Clements. Co-Production provided a cost analysis and project plan for the Tijuana facility. "They went right to work, from leasing our building, conducting the job search for our Plant Manager, hiring the personnel, setting up utilities, permits & documentation, equipment imports, and everything else we needed to get the facility running", states Clements.

Today, Cable Assembly is operational and growing their new West Coast facility. Co-Production manages the administrative functions in accordance with Mexican Law while Cable Assembly focuses on quality Wire Harness production and developing new business opportunities for the West Coast.

About Cable Assembly

Cable Assembly, LLC was founded in 1988 to provide wire harness assemblies to one of the largest manufacturers of school buses in the US. Since our inception, we have diversified to become a preferred supplier to many Fortune 500 companies and today's industry leaders. Our diverse manufacturing capabilities and LEAN training have made it possible for us to provide competitive and high quality products for virtually every industry.

About Co-Production International

Co-Production International is strategically headquartered in San Diego, CA and is the premiere Administrative Services Provider of the IMMEX (Shelter) Program in Baja California, Mexico. As your Administrative Services Provider our role is to facilitate the successful expansion of your manufacturing operation into Mexico. We handle the complete set-up of your operation and manage the day-to-day administrative duties in accordance with Mexican regulations allowing you to control and focus 100% on manufacturing.

Together We Succeed by assisting you in ensuring your competitive advantage through one of the most cost effective labor markets in the world... Baja California, Mexico!

Baja manufacturing tours california co production mexicoWOULD YOU LIKE TO VISIT MEXICO'S FIRST CLASS MANUFACTURING OPERATIONS IN ACTION?

Don’t miss this chance to have access to Mexico’s workforce, productivity and their commitment to quality standards and certifications.


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