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Tijuana, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO. Co-Production International (CPI) announces this summer’s first manufacturing industrial tour set for July 28th. Enthusiasm and excitement abound as US firms seize the opportunity to see what hundreds of manufacturers have been taking advantage of for decades. This is the first kick off tour in CPI’s “Summer of Nearshoring” programs. While nearshoring production to Mexico isn’t new, CPI offers this tour, as well as customized agendas for manufacturers seeking a first-hand experience of the quality labor force, cost savings and potential of the United States’ southern neighbor. Mexico is a manufacturing powerhouse and the time has never been more right.

Offering a comprehensive agenda that covers every facet of a potential expansion into Mexico, CPI’s goal is to elaborate the details of nearshore operations. For executives seeking to improve their bottom line while maintaining quality, oversight and productivity, attendees will finish the tour with a deeper understanding of what it takes to make what they’ve read about nearshoring, a reality.
Attendees start the day with breakfast and an educational presentation about doing business in Mexico. Following the morning’s program, CPI then starts the industrial plant tours. Beginning in Tijuana, attendees will get a chance to not only see high-end production activities first-hand, but also have a candid question and answer opportunity with the plant’s manager. Past attendees have relished in the access to the real-world experience of nearshore operation managers and executives.

After covering the legalities of doing business nearshore and seeing the first plant, the tour’s following stops focus on nearshore site selection. Several visits will be made to show the quality and types of industrial real estate sites and infrastructure availability. After learning all there is to know about nearshore site selection, it’s on to visit another plant which highlights how diverse and dynamic manufacturing activities are in the region. This is where attendees get a true understanding of the highly- educated and technically-trained workforce available to them.

The last plant tour takes place in Tecate, rounding out the diversity of the entire border region. With a presentation by the plant manager, attendees will learn more about his experience in ramping up a facility with over 200 employees in 200,000 square feet, as well as the ins and outs of starting up a successful operation in Mexico. To wrap up the tour, attendees are treated to a dinner showcasing the region’s Baja Mediterranean cuisine and award winning wines from the now famous Guadalupe Valley.

Manufacturers interested in attending the July 28th kick off tour should reserve their space today as space is limited! CPI’s Summer of Nearshoring is just getting started with customizable agendas and flexible dates available for those unable to attend this month. Contact us today to reserve your spot. Tours are sponsored by Co-Production International Education Division.

For more information or to sign up for your tour today, please visit:
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Denisse Martinez
(619) 429-4344

Co-Production International is an administrative services provider located in San Diego, CA, offering successful business expansion solutions, shelter company services, day-to-day administrative duties, site selection, and the complete set-up of your operation in Mexico. For more information, or if you are interested in a cost analysis for expanding your operations to Mexico, visit or call 619) 429 4344.

Baja manufacturing tours california co production mexicoWOULD YOU LIKE TO VISIT MEXICO'S FIRST CLASS MANUFACTURING OPERATIONS IN ACTION?

Don’t miss this chance to have access to Mexico’s workforce, productivity and their commitment to quality standards and certifications.


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