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delphi-durangoDurango, Mexico.- Delphi, the automotive wiring and electric circuits company, inaugurated a new plant in the State of Durango, at an event attended by President Felipe Calderon, State Governor Jorge Herrera and Hector Gutierrez, CEO, Delphi Mexico. Delphi invested US$23 million in this plant, aimed to meet demand from their customers, such as General Motors, Johnson Controls, Flex N Gate and NYX Inc. in North America. Hector Gutierrez informed that more than 1,500 pieces will be produced daily in this factory.

Delphi started operations in Mexico in 1978, where they have 3 engineering centers, including Delphi Connection Systems in Tijuana, Baja California, Ciudad Juarez Technical Center, with 284 patents that have received awards, plus 1,000 invention registrations, and 52,000 employees working in 46 manufacturing sites.
President Felipe Calderón called on Mexicans to be champions in honesty, security and competitiveness for a better tomorrow.

At the inauguration of the new Durango Delphi Arneses Automotrices manufacturing plant on Wednesday, the president said that "Just like we can win the gold medal in soccer, we can be champions of whatever we put our minds to. Let us be champions ... like Delphi Arneses is with making cars, like Mexico is with soccer ... let us be champions in everything that is relevant for the future of Mexico."

The president stated that a few years ago, Mexico was ranked 9th in the world for car exports and is now in 4th place. Calderón said that these figures prove that Mexico's high-quality labor force can compete globally.

Calderón was accompanied at the inauguration event by Secretary of Economy Bruno Ferrari and Durango Governor Jorge Herrera Caldera. The president said that his administration has created 2.2 million jobs, the second-highest job-creation record for a single administration in the history of Mexico.

He added, "I know that there is still more to be done. I know that these years have been complicated and difficult because of the global economic crisis, security concerns, etc., but know that we have worked hard to promote growth and development in Mexico."

"I was telling the governor that I don't have any say in the upcoming budget, it corresponds to the incoming administration, but I hope that the Federal Expenditure Budget treats Durango as well as I did in my six-year term," said the president.

Earlier in the day, the president and Herrera Caldera inaugurated a new stretch of highway. The governor said, "In the years to come, the goal is to continue working in an understanding and collaborative political environment, but above all, I hope that the residents of Durango take advantage of the infrastructure foundation we have provided so that we can make Durango an industrial and tourist destination."


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