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hyundai-investment-tijuanaTijuana, B.C.- Hyundai announced an Mexico investment of US $131 million for their new aluminum Die Cast plant in Tijuana, Baja California. The new plant will generate 300 new jobs, the construction begins July 2012 and production is projected to start on 2014.

The Korean Company will increase up to 25% its production capabilities and will generate an expected revenue of US $141 million.

Baja California's Governor Osuna Millan announced that this new investment to Baja California represents half of the resources already in Tijuana since Hyundai's arrival in 1989; he also stated that the decision of the Korean company to open their new plant in Tijuana over Monterrey, Nuevo León and Montgomery, Alabama is due to their positive experiences in the region and the support given by the local authorities to accomplish a high level of competitiveness in the Market.
"After careful consideration, Tijuana was chosen due to the great significance of our experience, strong support from companies in the community and local and state authorities", Kenny Lee, CEO, Hyundai, declared.

Hyundai it's been in Baja California for over 20 years, have an annual production of 24,000 units and maintains a base of 2,500 employees in Tijuana.

By Co-Production International Manufacturing News.

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