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ICON Tijuana Manufacturing

ICON Aircraft has chosen Tijuana for its new 300,000 square foot plant opening this November. With an economic impact projected at $150 million dollars over the next ten years and 1,000 jobs openings in Tijuana over the next three years, ICON is positioned to shine amongst the leaders in the long-booming aerospace manufacturing industry in Tijuana. Based out of Vacaville, California, ICON Aircraft is working with the local firm, Co-Production International, to recruit applicants to fill the initial key roles at their new facility. As their shelter company provider and local human resources manager, CPI is seeking qualified applicants for the innovative consumer aircraft manufacturer.

ICON’s new plant will focus on the manufacturing processes for the A5 aircraft that include, “Composite layup, bonding, and bodywork and paint, working mostly with pre-preg carbon fiber,” said Thomas Wieners, ICON’s VP of Manufacturing, adding, "ICON is currently searching for top talent nationally, primarily in the areas of manufacturing engineers, industrial engineers, and composite specialists experienced with sophisticated parts as well as key players for support functions like HR, Materials and Finance. Most of the professional staff will be Mexican hired. The early hires will be bilingual since they are expected to work with their counterparts in our US assembly facility."

For nearly 50 years, the Tijuana border region has been a global mainstay for aerospace manufacturing activities. With over 82 companies and a 28,000 strong workforce in Baja California, ICON has joined existing international powerhouses such as Gulfstream, Eaton, Rockwell Collins, Honeywell and Lockheed Martin. Recognizing the close cultural ties, reduced costs in logistics, and capitalizing on a highly-educated and well-trained workforce, ICON is poised for success in a region known for its leadership in aerospace and aircraft manufacturing.

With over 35 years combined experience in the region, CPI is no stranger to the highly-educated labor force in Mexico required by the aerospace manufacturing industry. Wieners explained ICON’s approach to expansion in the region saying,"After a thorough search of shelter companies, ICON selected CPI because of their local expertise and cultural fit with ICON. CPI demonstrated they understood the keys to ICON’s success in Mexico and that they could execute quickly given ICON accelerated timeline."

ICON’s manufacturing expansion into Mexico is a crucial part of an improved production strategy the company announced in May. Not only will the new facility allow ICON to take on composite fabrication in-house, it also allows for greater quality and cost control while meeting the company’s aggressive building schedule.

"As a result, we will improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process and supply chain to deliver a superior product" Wieners also noted in a company-issued press release. “ICON’s Tijuana facility will be a center of excellence for composite structures production that will be a model for composite operations globally. ICON in Tijuana will combine a high tech production facility with a highly motivated and skilled workforce to work on one of the world’s most consumer-friendly, safe and technologically advanced aircraft and realize ICON Aircraft’s vision to democratize aviation,” Wieners affirmed.

ICON will be an employer of choice in the region and is committed to providing a workplace of which their employees can be proud. If this exciting opportunity appeals to you, please consider applying here or see the image below. Applicants selected through the interview process will travel in October to Vacaville, California, for ICON training courses. All expenses paid for by ICON Aircraft. Interested applicants who meet these requirements should contact CPI for interview scheduling at (664) 454-3330, extension 206 or contact us at

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