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mexican-railroadsRailroads in Mexico will invest more than US$700 million this year, mainly to improve infrastructure and purchase equipment.

Rogelio Velez, CEO, Ferrocarril Mexicano (Ferromex), said that the outlook for the industry is encouraging, not only for the impulse offered by the federal government, but also for the behavior of US economy.

"In 2013 we want to achieve record figures, investment will be US$454.9 million and Ferrosur's will amount to US$50.4 million, most of it for infrastructure and capacity (...) not for engines because we had already invested on this", Mr. Velez said in XII Exporail.

Lorenzo Reyes Retana, Chief Operations Officer with Ferromex, pointed-out that Ferromex – just like Ferrosur – is expecting to post 4.8% annual growth rate in 2012-2017 term.

Source: Maquiladora Portal

Baja manufacturing tours california co production mexicoWOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE MEXICO'S WORLD CLASS MANUFACTURING OPERATIONS IN ACTION?

Co-Production International offers insider industry tours to get you up close to Tijuana’s world-class manufacturing industries.


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San Diego Mayor Faulconer to Trump: There's more to our border than a wall
16 Mar 2018 19:33 There's more to our border than a wall

When President Donald Trump lands in San Diego for his first trip to California since taking office, he will find a city with a tremendous story to tell on international trade, border infrastructure and public safety.

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