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Tijuana B.C.- This project is an example of joint work, where Össur capitalizes on BAP's 69 years of experience and decides to invest in a production line within its facilities.

Through a protocol inaugural event, companies Össur de México and Barry Avenue Plating Company (BAP Aerospace of Mexico) gave the go to the new production line for the manufacturing of leg replacement active prosthesis, with an investment of 250 thousand dollars.

During the event, Eduardo Salcedo, Össur Mexico's Director, said that this project is an example of joint work, in which Össur capitalizes on BAP's 69 years of experience and decides to invest in a production line within its facilities.

He pointed out that due to the different transfers and projects currently being carried out by Össur de México, a line with special characteristics and requirements for a CPK or process capacity of 1.67 is being demanded, which translates to exceeding the levels of tolerance of the medical and aerospace industry, a process for which BAP de Mexico was in need of creating a completely new line; an investment that Össur de México decided to defray, Director Eduardo Salcedo said, that the trust and the 69 years of corporate experience offered by the company have been key in the blissful synergy.

This is the noteworthy result of a very successful alliance, and as of today, the first production runs are being delivered, for a process that was previously only carried out in Iceland. "At Össur Mexico, we are transferring a final product that was manufactured only in Europe, which undoubtedly requires the supply chain in Tijuana to meet the standards, these alliances being a clear example of how the support of suppliers is received to supply a plant with the kind of level that Össur in Tijuana meets”, said the Director.

Cruz Maldonado, President of BAP Aerospace of Mexico and the corporate Barry Avenue Plating in Los Angeles, recalled the first talks and visits to Tijuana, when it was only a project to install in Mexico and options were being explored, however, when knowing the benefits of the city, it’s areas of opportunity, plans for expansion and growth in the aerospace area, as well as the excellent local talent and skilled labor, it was in 2011 when they decided to inaugurate their facilities in Mexico.

He explained that with high expectations, the strength of BAP Aerospace has been to bet on new projects, diversifying its markets. "We want to be part of the big companies and establish good working partnerships where we can contribute to the development of the Baja California region," he concluded.

Finally, the project leader, Eduardo Solis, added that BAP Aerospace de México, currently has 35 clients on a constant basis; a good representation of aerospace business, medical and electronic devices.

Specifically, the project with Össur highlights a production for metal parts and components in the manufacturing of active leg replacement prosthesis, with a process of 4 chemical baths. "An advantage of establishing ourselves in Tijuana is that it provides these ecosystems, so we will continue to work for new opportunities for growth and development," he said.

The event was decked out by the management team of Össur de México and BAP Aerospace; as well as representatives of Deitac, Index and the State Government.

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