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Manufacturing in Mexico & Trump Effect - Factory Tour on March 16th

Co-Production International (CPI) invites you to schedule a one-day industrial tour to Tijuana. With international trade and NAFTA in the headlines, more and more manufacturers are considering manufacturing in Mexico to remain competitive and increase profit margins. Over 1,000 foreign manufacturers are operating in Baja California and are showing no signs of slowing down despite the "Trump effect". It is more clear now than ever that manufacturing in Mexico will always be strong.

We really have President Trump to thank for all the recent attention. Even we as an industry have taken a deeper dive into analyzing the effects of NAFTA and have found that the US and Mexico relationship is not simply defined as trading partners. Our countries are and have been co-producing together even before NAFTA. Our relationship is deeply woven together after 50 years of international trade strengthening and benefiting both countries,” says Denisse Martinez, Marketing Manager and organizer of the CPI Baja Industrial Tours.

What we’ve discovered is that once you educate manufacturers and give them a chance to see it first hand, they realize their opportunity for growth on both sides of the border. They finish the tour blown away by the numbers: the lower labor costs for the same quality of work and more importantly the sophistication in the daily flow of trade and products going back and forth in supplies and finished products,” says Martinez.

CPI’s one-day manufacturing tours to Mexico bring manufacturers to see world class US manufacturing companies succesfully operating in Mexico (Tijuana and Tecate). At no-cost, manufacturers are picked up in San Diego and spend the day in an education session and visit various types of industrial plants and sites. They also have the opportunity to speak with plant manager’s asking questions about their personal experience in manufacturing in Tijuana or Tecate. They finish the day enjoying Baja’s delicious regional cuisine and tasting award winning wines.

Taking the tour as a team helped our organization in a decisive manner and move from the imaginary and visionary stage into a real and actual world class incremental analysis solution. It provided synergy to step into the real and actual opportunity that manufacturing in Tijuana represents.” said Danny Viales, Plant Manager for an aftermarket exhaust systems company and former attendee of CPI’s Industrial Tours.

Baja California boasts a strong, over 200,000-person workforce dedicated to the electronics, medical device, aerospace and defense, automotive and plastic injection molding industries. With many of its universities and technical schools funneling engineers and highly educated talent into manufacturing, industrial tour attendees leave confident their proprietary and innovative products will be just as designed and specified. Manufacturers are also finding additional cost savings in the mexican currency exchange between the US Dollar and Mexican Peso in materials and supplies purchasing.

Schedule a day that works for your company, please contact Denisse Martinez. Tours can be designed to fit your schedule and needs.

To sign up for your tour today, please visit:
reigster manufacturing tour

For more information contact:
Denisse Martinez
(619) 429 4344 (501)

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