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Virtual Seminar: Setting Up Manufacturing in Mexico, Shelter IMMEX Program and Costs

Virtual Seminar: Setting Up Manufacturing in Mexico, Shelter IMMEX Program and Costs

Recent events in the last twelve months have started a snowball effect. Now, with the recent Covid-19 crisis on hand it has turn some of the manufacturing industries in to a full blown avalanche leaving many manufacturers working on developing and implementing alternative plans for manufacturing, leading them back to Mexico.

We started out with the USMCA, which will finally enter into force on July 1, 2020, then the US-China Trade War and now the pandemic and the breakout in China resulting on many manufacturing companies having to quickly activate their business continuity plans and move beyond consideration into shifting supply chains to Mexico. Mexico is well positioned to take on and support new businesses, its proximity to the U.S. is ideal and not only is its labor force bilingual and bicultural but also reliable and experienced. The labor rates in Mexico have remained stable for many years and is that combination of low cost and predictability that has made the country a major hub for the electronics, medical device, automotive and aerospace sectors and a major player in the global manufacturing industry.

On this virtual seminar brought to you by Del Mar Trade Shows you will learn about the key Mexico manufacturing industries, we will focus on the main reasons why foreign companies have selected Mexico as their preferred manufacturing location, and the proven method they have used to set up shop, the Maquiladora Shelter Program. Additionally we will share the costs of setting up and running a manufacturing plant in Mexico.

CPI’s Turnkey Shelter Program:
Complete. Cost Effective. Quick. Safe.

CPI’s Mexico Shelter Maquiladora Program is designed for manufacturers who want a cost effective and quick way to start manufacturing in Mexico. CPI’s team of experts guide you through the complete set up of operations, minimize your risk and exposure, save you money, and get you going faster than trying to go at it alone. Your company uses our existing permits and certifications under our shelter company while you maintain full operational control of production. You manufacture – we handle the rest!

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