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How to Lower Cost And Reduce Risk



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Manufacturing in Mexico, How to Lower Cost And Reduce Risk

Lunch & Learn: MARCH 11, 2020

Location: Union Bank | 3536 Concours, Ontario, CA 91764, Suite 300
Time: 11:30am – 1:30pm

Stay up to date with global manufacturing trends. This seminar will give you a look at real costs of manufacturing in Mexico, the advantages of nearshoring production, how to set up a Mexican corporation and get strong understanding of the future of global manufacturing. Education is key when you are dealing with new trade agreements, the coronavirus outbreak, trade wars and tariffs.

MC Tom Reynolds
MC Tom ReynoldsThe Reynolds Group
Tom has 32 years of experience in leading manufacturing and software development companies. He managed international sales and technical support teams while setting up dealerships in over 35 countries.
John Tulac
John TulacInternational Attorney
Internationally recognized as preeminent in the field of international business law and for the highest standards of competency and ethics by peers, as documented in the Martindale Hubbell National Law Directory.
Veronica Contreras
Veronica ContrerasManufacturing in Mexico Specialist
Seasoned global business consultant with over eighteen years of experience working with C-level executives for US manufacturing companies in the evaluation process and complete set up of their operations in Mexico.
Juan Sanchez
Juan SanchezMexican Attorney
Mexican Attorney specialized in Real Estate and Business Law, with broad experience in domestic and cross border transactions.

To be covered:

World Economy Overview and The Future of Manufacturing

  • Economic Trends: Manufacturing Onshore or Nearshore
  • Discussion: The Coronavirus Impact on Global Trade
  • Manufacturing in China? Diversifying Locations Reduces Risk
  • Updates: USMCA vs. NAFTA

Legal Framework for a Mexican Corporation

  • The Legal Process of Setting up a Mexican Corporation
  • IMMEX Program for Reducing or Eliminating VAT
  • Recent Reforms to the Mexican Labor Laws

Nearshoring in Mexico

  • Advantages Beyond Reduced Cost
  • Labor Cost and Other Costs of Doing Business in Mexico
  • How Do You Set Up Manufacturing in Mexico?

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