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Monterrey, Nuevo Leon – Advanced Manufacturing Capital

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon: Capital of Advanced Industry in Mexico

Monterrey is not only the capital of the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, but also considered the national capital of advanced industry. Located just under the tip of Texas, Monterrey is known for being the most “Americanized” city enjoying the highest per capita income in the nation. The 3rd largest metropolitan area in Mexico, Monterrey is the most northernmost commercial hub and one of the most developed cities in Mexico.

In 2004, the state government introduced a cluster strategy to bring together the triple helix (government, private sector and universities) to maximize the development of the manufacturing industries and train workers with the skills needed. By 2018, Nuevo Leon had 13 strategic clusters including domestic appliances, automobiles, agro-industry and the newest of them all, the energy cluster. Over 40% of the world’s largest manufacturers are located in Nuevo Leon.

Major Manufacturing Sectors in
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon MX

Monterrey has global manufacturers from every major industry: aerospace & defense, electronics, medical devices, and automotive. One of its major subsectors is domestic electronics, such as washing machines and other household appliances, which account for 30% of Mexico’s national exports in this sector alone.

In addition to being home to thousands of foreign manufacturing companies, Monterrey is also home to some of Mexico’s largest brands: Pemex, Mexico’s oil company, and CEMEX, the world’s largest cement company. The city also produces most of Mexico’s steel. As of 2017, the manufacturing industry accounted for nearly a quarter of state GDP and over 60% of the Nuevo Leon’s exports.

Monterrey Manufacturing Quick Stats
According to the Oxford Business Group, “The principal sub-sectors of Nuevo León’s industrial economy are computing, electronic and transport equipment, food products, basic metallic industries, and oil derivatives and coal. While the automotive segment remains closely connected to the US economy – Nuevo León exports 80% of its auto parts to the US – the arrivalof KIA Motors in 2016 enables Nuevo León to export finished vehicles to markets across the globe.”

Monterrey’s has 50 major industrial parks over five industrial areas ideal for manufacturing activities. At the end of the 3rd quarter of 2018, average lease cost hovered at $0.40-$0.43 per square foot, with 5.6 million SF available and 1.53 million under construction.

Infrastructure & Logistics

Sitting just below Texas, Monterrey has rapid access to major North American transportation arteries. In 2018, Mexico unveiled the new logistical support facility at the Laredo-Colombia border crossing. The Colombia International Bridge has a capacity for 12,000 daily truck crossings, a bonded warehouse and advanced technologies for screening cargo shipments.

The Monterrey International Airport (also known under its ceremonial name of General Mariano Escobedo International Airport), offers almost 300 daily flights to national and US destinations. It is one of the fastest growing airports in Mexico. The Monterrey International Airport has a 15-acre air cargo terminal and is a major hub for DHL, FedEx, UPS and Estafeta.


With over 1,433 hectares of industrial space, railroad connectivity, customs and a bonded warehouse, the Interpuerto Monterrey project is a world-class strategic point for business, logistics and manufacturing activities. Considered the largest inland (dry) port in Mexico, this new, modern megaplex has attracted 12 manufacturers of which at least 8 now are online.

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