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The Nuts & Bolts of Manufacturing in Mexico and More...

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With the trade war between the United States and China looming, manufacturing companies that are being affected in some way by the imposition of escalating additional tariffs on imported Chinese goods under Section 301, are looking for effective ways to avoid or reduce these tariffs to remain competitive. A number of manufactures, importers, and exporters know that these additional costs will cut into their profit and are now evaluating a co-production model as the best way to protect their bottom-line profitability.

Mexico Manufacturing Industry News

The term “maquila” or “maquiladora” is often used casually to describe a foreign-owned manufacturing operation in Mexico. Like most words that make it into the


President Trump’s recent threat to impose new tariffs on Mexican imports was a close call. The tax, which could have affected prices for cars, televisions, clothing,


Tijuana, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO.   Co-Production International (CPI) helped celebrate the Smiths Group’s Mexico’s operation, Smiths Conexion de Mexico, ten-year


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