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Contract Manufacturing in Mexico

Our Maquiladora Shelter Program in Mexico is the most cost-effective way to expand manufacturing operations to Mexico. That being said, we understand the time and capital investment required on your end to consider opening your own facility. That’s where our Mexico Contract Manufacturing Services come in.

If you are looking for a contract manufacturer in Mexico, raw materials in Mexico, or a new supply chain, then look no further. Mexico has Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III suppliers that CPI can help connect you with!

How to find the right manufacturers in Mexico?

CPI, acts as your matchmaker when you use our sourcing manufacturing from Mexico services. We reach out to our network of contract manufacturers to determine the right fit, costs and capabilities needed for your project. We also assist in bid, lead times and deadline management for the manufacturing companies in Mexico who fit your profile. You are ultimately in full control of which contract manufacturer you choose and your relationship with the CMO and production.  We respect your expertise and your product, and we will support you when and where you need us.

Step-by-Step Sourcing Process:

Once we identify the product sourcing project meets your needs and budget, we implement a client-friendly, step-by-step sourcing process. CPI charges a retainer that includes the following services:

Network of Existing Suppliers

We reach out to our network of contract manufacturers and start the evaluation and information gathering process.

Factory Visits

After narrowing the list of potential suppliers down we set up a date for you to visit the factories or we visit them on your behalf.

Expedition of Quotes

We manage the quotes from the potentail suppliers, bidding process and negotiation. 

Price Negotiations

Apart from the bidding process we also assist you with final price negotiations.

Locate Additional Suppliers

We build a list of potential suppliers for your project, narrow it down and set up visits.

Quality Control Inspections

We make sure the processes and capabilities from the manufacturers in Mexico that you pick meet your product quality standards. 

Receiving/expedition of samples

We make sure to gather all the specifications about your product and provide the full information to the manufacturer, work on a sample and get it to you for adjustments or approval.

Mexico Manufacturing Consultant

As your Mexico manufacturing partner we work towards building a long term manufacturer's representation in Mexico for you.  

Benefits of Using CPI’s
Contract Manufacturing & Sourcing Services

As with all of our manufacturing consultant and shelter services programs, we do the leg work on your behalf saving you valuable time and money. Depending on your needs and the type of product, we will:

Arrange site visits and plant tours of potential suppliers

Attend meeting on your behalf

Drive you to and from your meetings and get you back to the border

Manage information and files needed for bids on your project (3D Files, Gerber Files, BOMs, etc.)

Be in constant communication with you and the supplier so that quoting deadlines are met and information flows efficiently


After 40 years in the business, we’ve been contracted for almost every type of product and process you can think of. Typically, these are the main Mexico industries who seek CMO services in Mexico:

  • PCBA & Electronics Assemblies
  • Medical Devices
  • Metal extrusion
  • Injection Molding
  • Home Goods
  • Some Textiles
  • And more!

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