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Maquiladora Shelter Program for Manufacturing in Mexico

There’s a lot to plan for when expanding or relocating manufacturing operations to a maquiladora in Mexico. Understanding the laws, regulations, compliance and how to navigate the IMMEX Program and other certifications required can be costly, time consuming and have a long-term impact on your company’s success. Thankfully, that’s where shelter companies in Mexico come in. CPI's solutions to establish maquiladoras in Mexico will ensure your success in one of the most strategic locations for manufacturing in the world.



CPI Shelter Company Services
for Moving Production to Mexico

We’ve helped over 220 manufacturing companies find success by setting up their manufacturing operations in Mexico. Our 40 years of experience, network of private and government partners and a support staff for all your needs will allow you to get up and running with minimal legal and financial exposure.

Think of CPI's Mexican shelter company acting as an already existing umbrella that allows your company to come in out of the rain without having to build the umbrella from scratch yourself. In not so many words, the maquiladora shetler program is faster, safer, and the most cost-effective way to land in Mexico.

Your Mexico
Manufacturing Partner

By operating under CPI's shelter company program in Mexico, your company takes advantage of our already existing permits and certifications such as the IMMEX program and VAT Certification, legal structure, and local administrative support staff. Not only are the liabilities and risks limited when under a shelter company, but the annual cost to operate is significantly lower than running an operation as a standalone corporation.

As your manufacturing shelter services provider in Mexico, the entire responsibility for your operation falls on us, from facility permitting, legal and fiscal obligations, to labor law, environmental law compliance and the complete administration of your Mexico manufacturing operation.

Administrative Support:

As your shelter company in Mexico we provide a solid administrative and back office infrastructure that allows you to focus 100% on production while we manage all the background details. Our administrative team is experienced and ready to handle the set-up and ongoing administration of your operation ensuring compliance with Mexican laws and tax liabilities.

Mexico Cost Analysis

Annual costs of operating in Mexico: Labor, start-up costs, overhead and all the costs related to doing business in Mexico.

Legal Framework

We process all necessary permits, comply with environmental regulations and facilitate agency inspections.

Administrative Support Team

Includes human resources, talent recruitment, accounting and legal.

Facilities Support Team

Includes site selection, EH&S, and facilities certifications.

Manufacturing Operational Support Team

Includes project management, tenant improvements, vendor support.

International Trade & Compliance Team

Includes Import/Export and Logistics.

Benefits of Entering Mexico Under CPI’s Shelter Maquiladora Program:

  • Mexican certified legal entity already set up
  • Quick ramp up, go online in a matter of months not a year or more
  • Use of Mexican IMMEX certification for duty-free temporary import/export of materials and finished goods
  • Use of IVA Certified Mexican Entity
  • Cost savings benefits utilizing CPI’s existing personnel and infrastructure: Import and export, accounting, Human Resources, EH&S and project management
    (see all of our administrative services here)
  • Assistance with knowledge transfer from your other facilities
  • Able to migrate to an Independent Corporation at any time
  • 40 years of experience helping global companies with the succesful set up and ongoing administration of their Mexico manufactuing operation

FAQ - Mexico Shelter Services

Start Under Shelter Change Independent CorporationDoes this mean we relinquish all control to CPI?

Your company still makes all the decisions – from site selection, personnel, and vendors, to build-out and setup of the production facility and after your plant is up and running. CPI is there with you every step of the way providing guidance, existing infrastructure and an administrative team. Your company keeps full operational control of its manufacturing process and provides the equipment, raw materials, production process and controls, and ERP systems.

manufacturing operation work site selection mexicoHow does CPI work with us for site selection?

Think of us as your personal real estate agent. We will take you to available industrial facilities based on your specs. We facilitate negotiations, your build-out needs and everything in between. When you decide on the best building for your needs, CPI signs the lease agreement with your company as the guarantor (this is another benefit of our Shelter Company Program).

get involved production processDoes CPI get involved with our production process?

No, we don’t. But we handle just about everything else (think: back office). We know you are the expert at your products and processes. The only time we are even close to the production floor is when our in-house Environmental, Health & Safety Coordinator is there working with your team during permitting, compliance and audits.

iva certified mexican entity permits required manufacturing company start operations immediatelyCan We Start Under a Shelter and Change to an Independent Corporation?

Absolutely! CPI’s Shelter Company Program is there as long as you need it. Some companies stay under our shelter company for decades, while others use it to get started quickly and then transfer into their own independent corporation. It is always up to you and can be changed at any time. We can provide you with a cost analysis of these options, so you can weigh the benefits of each before making a decision.

IMMEX program temporary import materialsWhat’s the IMMEX program for temporary import of materials?

Free trade agreements allow for duty-free import and export of materials and products between member countries. What often isn’t covered or free are the taxes/VAT/IVA. This is where the Mexican government’s IMMEX program comes in. Once your company is certified for IMMEX (a process handled under the CPI Shelter Company Program), it will allow tax/VAT/IVA exemption on the temporary import of raw materials and goods if they transformed and exported within 18 months (with some restrictions).


There's a lot of questions to ask about the industry in Mexico. From site selections, salaries and duties to whether or not the workforce is up to the tasks your products require. We love questions!

“Aspen Medical Products was very diligent in choosing a shelter services company.  We did extensive research and felt that CPI was the best shelter services company for Aspen in Tijuana and by partnering with them, we were able to minimize our risk of operating in a new country.” 

“After a thorough search of shelter companies, ICON selected CPI because of their local expertise and cultural fit with ICON. CPI demonstrated they understood the keys to ICON’s success in Mexico and that they could execute quickly given ICON accelerated timeline.” 

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