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TODCO's Manufacturing in Tecate Mexico Overhead Doors

California Mexico Provides Greater BOTTOM-LINE profits - A Marian, Ohio based division of Overhead Doors Corporation, the largest producer of overhead swing doors worldwide.


You can measure it in years, or in miles. But since 1957, TODCO has been leading the industry in the design and production of the doors more people count on for performance and durability.

TODCO is the world leader in the innovation and manufacture of overhead roll up doors, swing doors, roll up shutter doors and walk ramps with spring assist for every size and model of truck body and trailer.

In fact, there are more TODCO dry freight and refrigerated "reefer" roll up doors and swing doors on the road today than any other brand. For information on truck doors and related truck door parts, you have come to the right place.

California Mexico Provides Greater BOTTOM-LINE profits

todco mexicoTODCO immediately experienced a significant cost reduction in labor. The average fully burdened Line Assembler's per hour wage in Baja California is $2.52 as compared to California at $13.30, that was an 81% savings just on labor rates! This allowed TODCO to be more price-competitive while increasing their profit margins.

The close geographic proximity of Baja California to Southern California made it an ideal location for Manufacturing. If fact, being in the Baja California region has helped TODCO develop new customers given many of the major automotive manufactures have operations here. This improved process flow helped with TODCO's Lean Manufacturing initiatives and overall manufacturing cost reduction.

Better Margins, New Customers and Process Improvement

Entering Mexico: IMMEX Shelter Program

Having identified Baja California as the ideal location for TODCO, the next question was how to establish their Manufacturing operation. Under Mexico's IMMEX (Shelter) Program, TODCO was able to quickly establish their Manufacturing operation and begin production. This program allows companies to enter Mexico without any liability and minimal risk to the organization.

Expanding to Baja California, Mexico has been a great strategic move for TODCO, helping them reduce costs and increase their customer base.

TODCO Manufacturing in Mexico Case Study

Baja California, Mexico Provides Greater BOTTOM-LINE Profits!

When TODCO’S President Daniel Rengert needed a manufacturing solution that would allow him to reduce labor costs while maintaining a close proximity to TODCO’S west coast customers, he realized a near-shore manufacturing operation was his best answer.

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