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Manufacturing in Tijuana and Mexico

MANUFACTURING in Tijuana and Mexico

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"MANUFACTURING in Tijuana and Mexico"

Advantages of Nearshoring in Mexico, Key Highlights and 2019 Industry Overview.

Mexico has rapidly become a top global destination for manufacturing. The entire California and Baja California is known as the “Cali-Baja Mega Region” with the global manufacturing hub of Tijuana boasting an over 50 year-old history in manufacturing activities.


This white paper will assist executives in understanding the benefits of expanding operations nearshore by analyzing Mexico as a potential site for manufacturing activities. Important factors such as proximity to major markets, infrastructure, labor cost and supply, transportation and ease of doing business, will be covered.

  • Low-Cost, Highly-Skilled Workforce
  • USMCA, Free Trade Zone
  • Strong Intellectual Property (IP) Protections
  • Proximity to Major Markets (US, Canada)
  • Maquila Duty-Free Temporary Imports
  • Established Infrastructure

USMCA Free Trade Zone

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