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Would you like to have first-hand access to Mexico’s workforce, productivity and its commitment to quality standards and certifications?

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Take a look at the success stories of global companies who decided to take advantage of Mexico’s Competitive advantages.

Specialists in Establishing Mexico Manufacturing Operations

logo-services-cpi-webWe handle the complete set-up of your Mexico manufacturing operation and manage the day-to-day administrative duties allowing you to control and focus 100% on manufacturing.

CPI will put it's 35-years of experience as the premier expansion expert in Mexico manufacturing and work for you in preparing a labor cost analysis. This analysis will demonstrate how this expansion will impact your bottom-line profits and sustain your competitive advantage!

CPI offers several programs, these include: The Maquiladora Shelter Program for companies seeking a turnkey entry into manufacturing in Mexico, and Administrative Services which allows our clients to pick from a menu of services. We look forward to speaking with you about the advantages of Manufacturing in Mexico, your Nearshore Solution!

Mexico Manufacturing News

MD&M West Luncheon: The Nitty Gritty on Manufacturing in Mexico


If you are a manufacturer interested in learning more about setting up a manufacturing site in Mexico, then you don't want to miss this unique event!

Hosted by Co-Production International (CPI), this NO-COST luncheon features the Medical Device Manufacturer Phase 2, as they share their experiences recently setting up their newest 30.000 sq. ft. facility, including a 3000 sq. ft. ISA Class A clean room operations in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.

Tijuana Builds a Medical Manufacturing Hub

phase2-map-medical-device-hubWhile everyone was fixated on the economic potential of Brazil, Russia, India, and China over the past few years—thanks, at least in part, to the catchy BRICs acronym—a funny thing was happening south of the U.S. border that largely escaped the media limelight. Since 1994, Mexico has registered the best macroeconomic record of any emerging market, according to Entrada Group, a U.S.-based company that helps manufacturers invest in Mexico. Moreover, its economy is on track to become the world's seventh largest by 2020. Medical manufacturing is playing a role in this economic shift, with Baja California, in particular, emerging as a medtech hub.

The proverbial man on the street may associate Mexico with sunny, Margarita-soaked vacations and, more recently, narco-terrorism. People not versed in business and market trends invariably are surprised to learn that it is the fifth largest exporter of medical products in the world, according to Manufacturing in Mexico News. The vast majority of those products go to countries in Latin America and the United States. While medical manufacturing OEMs and their associated suppliers can be found in various regions of Mexico, Baja California and, specifically, Tijuana, have emerged as the country's medical technology hub.

San Ysidro Smart Border Coalition and Duty Free Americas/UETA Urge Private Project at San Ysidro Port of Entry

smart-border-coalition-san-diego-tijuanaThe San Ysidro Smart Border Coalition, comprised of residents, small business owners and business leaders, delivered 5,104 petition signatures to the federal government this week, urging it to include space for a mixed-use facility proposed by Duty Free Americas (DFA)/UETA in the final phase of the ongoing border project, connecting Interstate 5 freeway lanes to Mexico's El Chaparral border crossing. The proposal envisions 1,000 parking spots, retail space for restaurants, and a rooftop heliport for emergency crews and Customs and Border Protection officers. 

Mexico's Competitive Advantages

  • Reduce labor rates 50% to 80%.
  • Increase production output by 16%.
  • Maintain delivery schedules.
  • Maximize bottom-line profits.
  • Expand your manufacturing capacity.
  • Secure Intellectual property rights.

Maquiladora Shelter Program


contract-manufacturing-iconLow Cost Manufacturing

Ideal for manufacturers who wish to enter Mexico without any legal or financial exposure. A team of experts manages and administrates your manufacturing operation under a Mexican Corporation.
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Administrative Services


personnel-outsourcing-mexico-maquiladoraOver 35-years of extensive experience

CPI can virtually guarantee the successful establishment and ongoing administrative functions of your facility. You can choose from the Menu of Services below. CPI's services are designed to ensure your facility is operating at peak performance with minimal costs and full compliance to Mexican laws and regulations.
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CPI Strategic Locations


strategic-locationsEstablish your Mexico Manufacturing Operation

Influential factors that make Mexico a Near-shore top choice for manufacturing are low-cost, strategic location, quality and experience, industry expertise, improved speed to-market and better cultural alignment, just to name a few.

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Tijuana's Industry Overview.

Take advantage of Mexico's cost effectiveness.

About Co-Production Int'l

Co-Production International Manufacturing Services in MexicoCo-Production International is strategically headquartered in San Diego, California and is "The premiere Administrative Services Provider in Mexico". As your Administrative Services Provider our role is to facilitate the successful expansion of your manufacturing operation in Mexico.

We handle the complete set-up of your operation and manage the day-to-day administrative duties in accordance with Mexican regulations allowing you to control and focus 100% on manufacturing.

Together we succeed by assisting you in ensuring your competitive advantage through Mexico! One of the most cost effective labor markets in the world.

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