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In today's dynamic manufacturing environment, companies have several attractive options to consider when expanding, relocating or simply starting a new manufacturing facility
Get the latest information about Manufacturing Industry in the Cali-Baja Region and around the World
Moving operations to Mexico, or nearshoring as it's called, has now evolved from being a trend to a best practice. CPI presents the following Top 10 reasons to manufacture in Mexico versus China.
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Our role is to facilitate the successful expansion of manufacturing operations into Mexico. We handle the complete set-up of the new company and manage the day-to-day administrative duties in accordance with Mexican regulations allowing the client to focus 100% on high quality manufacturing. With over 35-years of combined experience our management team has successfully established over 200 companies in Mexico ... expanding their global footprint while ensuring their competitive advantage.


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You will be presented to Mexico’s first class manufacturing operations in action and the benefits they represent to your company plus experience first-hand access to Mexico’s workforce, productivity and their commitment to quality standards and certifications.
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Expansion assessment and comprehensive cost analysis.
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We invite you to complete this form to instantly receive an estimated labor cost comparison. We will also develop, upon request, a comprehensive cost analysis that includes labor cost, overhead costs and other costs associated with doing business in Mexico. This analysis will be a key factor in your decision making process.
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Mexico remains the Top Choice!
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It's not only the globally competitive labor rates that has positioned Mexico as the preferred nearshore destination, but also its vicinity to the North American market which translates into lower inventory and freight costs; improved speed-to-market and better cultural alignment with managers.
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Mexico Expertise in a Variety of Industries

The entire California and Baja California is known as the CaliBaja Mega Region with the manufacturing hub of Tijuana boasting an over 50 year-old history in manufacturing activities.

At its inception, the draw for foreign manufacturers was its low-cost labor rates, today the manufacturing landscape is much different; Mexico has attracted global corporations from the manufacturing sector that go far beyond simple assembly. It is now common to find companies that design, develop and manufacture some of the most complex products in the marketplace for a variety of industries.

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  • Conesys success story Manufacturing in Mexico"There are many differences compared to the U.S. when hiring or operating in Mexico. You have to be sure to have competent help; especially in the early stages to be sure you get your business off on the right foot." - Andres Murillo, Plant Manager, Conesys.
  • Aerospace and Medical device manufactures are pleased to welcome Barry Avenue Plating to Baja California"We plan to replicate the same certification and compliance standards in our Tijuana facility and the infrastructure in Tijuana is world-class and we have had no problem finding highly skilled workers with plating expertise." - Cruz Maldonado VP of Operations, Barry Avenue.
  • Expanding to Mexico positioned TODCO closer to our customer base in Mexico and Southern California, states"We chose Co-Production because they paid attention to detail and understood our needs... We have had nothing but good experiences with them. They have continued to provide experienced support and qualified production employees." - Jim Frazzini, TODCO'S V.P. of Operations.

  • We have seen an increase in our business and see tremendous growth opportunity coming from existing customers and from other locations including the West Coast"We have seen an increase in our business and see tremendous growth opportunity coming from existing customers and from other locations including the West Coast." - Joe Prior, MRG's President.

LATEST NEWS - Mexico Manufacturing Highlights

Mexico's Awakening Is Good All Around
27 Jul 2016 21:15

The belated awakening of Mexico's new-vehicle marketplace is a big deal. It's good news all around, something that ought to put smiles on the faces of everybody in the global auto industry.

Certainly the biggest smiles are in Mexico -- new-vehicle owners, automakers, suppliers and dealers -- after 2015 sales there jumped 19 percent to 1.35 million and finally broke the record set in 2006. But the recovery in Mexico's sales is ultimately also good for auto industry employees in the U.S., Canada and elsewhere.

For the past decade, Mexico has been out of balance when it came to automobiles. On the production side, it's been great. Light-vehicle manufacturing has boomed. Between 2005 and last year, output more than doubled to 3.5 million vehicles as several automakers expanded capacity or opened assembly plants.

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CPI’s Mexico Manufacturing Industrial Tour to Kick Off the ‘Summer of Nearshoring’ in Tijuana
21 Jul 2016 17:58 Press Release

Tijuana, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO. Co-Production International (CPI) announces this summer’s first manufacturing industrial tour set for July 28th. Enthusiasm and excitement abound as US firms seize the opportunity to see what hundreds of manufacturers have been taking advantage of for decades. This is the first kick off tour in CPI’s “Summer of Nearshoring” programs. While nearshoring production to Mexico isn’t new, CPI offers this tour, as well as customized agendas for manufacturers seeking a first-hand experience of the quality labor force, cost savings and potential of the United States’ southern neighbor. Mexico is a manufacturing powerhouse and the time has never been more right.

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Why Trump's 45 Percent Tariff On Mexican Imports Will Never Happen
20 Jul 2016 21:41 Mexico’s efforts to develop its economy have made it one of the world’s top 10 car-exporting nations. NAFTA was one of those efforts. A worker screws a wheel of a car in a Nissan factory in Aguascalientes in 2014.  Ginnette Riquelme  - MCT

Mexico’s efforts to develop its economy have made it one of the world’s top 10 car-exporting nations. NAFTA was one of those efforts. A worker screws a wheel of a car in a Nissan factory in Aguascalientes in 2014. Ginnette Riquelme - MCT

While nations can untangle themselves from past international trade pacts, it is as impossible to return a previous “normal” as to unscramble an omelet. A nation can return its own laws to the exact legal situation that prevailed before some treaty, but it cannot change policies on the other side of the agreement.

Nor can it undo actions taken by private businesses in reaction to a newly renounced pact. In economic terms, it is just as impossible to return fully to what diplomats call the “status quo ante” as it is to reconstitute bits of scrambled yolk into an egg.

Readers have asked what will happen if the United Kingdom actually exits the European Union or if the United States repudiates the North American Free Trade Agreement. The answer is that laws can revert to what they were, but the economies will never be the same.

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Michelin To Setup New Plant in Mexico
19 Jul 2016 17:19

Leading French tyre manufacturer Michelin has announced to add a new manufacturing location on the globe and come up with a plant in Mexico.

This new manufacturing in the Latin American country will be the tyre maker’s 69th around the world and its 21st in North America. Michelin has proposed to establish the new plant in Leon, in the state of Guanajuato in Mexico. The plant would be producing premium tyres for high-end cars as well as light commercial vehicles.

The new manufacturing facility will see first products coming off the assembly line in 2018 and will be sold in the Latin American market. The facility is built over an investment of 510 million dollars and will see the work getting commenced in a few months’ time from now. The company has a projected production volumes of 4-5 million tyres every year, seeing the high demand of the north American market.

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Why This Family-Owned Business CEO Says Nafta Makes His Company Successful
06 Jul 2016 20:36 NAFTA makes family-owned business successful

The North American Free Trade Agreement is one reason a 65-year-old Phoenix manufacturing company is increasing its revenue.

Family-owned Allied Tool & Die uses NAFTA to invest capital and grow in Phoenix while also generating business with a Mexican manufacturing branch.

“I do not take jobs away from Phoenix just because I have a plant in Mexico,” said Bill Jordon, Allied’s third-generation company CEO. “The plants complement each other and the Mexican operation allows me to make capital investment in Arizona.”

Allied has 95 employees in its south Phoenix multi-building location and 13 workers four hours away in Mexicali, Baja, Mexico. The plants, according to Jordan, serve different purposes.

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The 'Next Napa': Baja's Valle de Guadalupe Wines are Ripe for Success
06 Jul 2016 20:34 Valle de Guadalupe, Baja, Mexico

Baja's Valle de Guadalupe has been dubbed the "the Next Napa." So why has it been so hard for its wine to gain a foothold in the U.S. market?

In the last few years, this relatively young, rapidly expanding region, which produces an estimated 90% of the country's wine, has become the critical darling of luxury food, wine and travel enthusiasts. Yet despite wide acclaim for the quality of its boutique bottlings and reputation as a chic gastronomic destination, sketchy brand awareness and an erratic distribution system have persistently hampered the success of Baja's wines.

Those promoting it say they're met with one of two questions: "They make wine in Mexico?" Or, "Why is it so hard to find Mexican wine?"

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