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Explore Outsource Manufacturing in Mexico

Explore Outsource
Manufacturing in Mexico

Thursday, October 11, 2018
Join Us for a One-Day Manufacturing Tour!

Never before have you had the opportunity to take home everything you need to know about manufacturing and outsourcing in Mexico in just a single day.
Includes: Factory Tour, Educational Forum, Transportation & Dinner!

Mexico Manufacturing Tour Agenda & Registration

Our comprehensive one-day agenda covers every aspect of a potential expansion into Mexico.

No-Cost, All Inclusive

Meals, transportation to and from San Diego provided by Co-Production International (CPI)

Continental Breakfast & Educational Presentations

  • Tijuana’s Manufacturing Industry Overview by Denisse Martinez, Marketing Director
  • Get an overview of the main manufacturing industries in Mexico, opportunities and benefits of the border manufacturing megaregion.

Mexico Soft-Landing Solution

Factory Tours

Your chance to see three actual working factories in action, speak to plant managers and get a feel for the quality of production and the workforce in Mexico.

Delightful Dinner

Featuring famed Baja-Mediterranean cuisine and award-winning regional wines at... (to confirm)

OEM CMO aerospace automotive auto parts electronics medical device orthopedic plastics industries Executives

Who Should Attend?

OEMs and CMOs in aerospace, automotive, auto parts, electronics, medical device, orthopedic, and plastics industries. Executives, market development professionals and strategic project managers looking to gather information about Mexico as a potential expansion site for manufacturing and outsourcing. Companies seeking to improve their bottom line while maintaining quality, oversight and productivity.

world class manufacturers Mexico Tijuana Baja California

Why Should You Attend?

Over 5,000 world-class manufacturers have landed in Mexico with Tijuana and Baja California solidifying themselves as a robust manufacturing mega-region primed with opportunity. Go from mere information gathering and research to seeing it first-hand. A unique chance to speak with plant managers and operators and learn about their experiences getting started in Mexico. Learn how freeing up capital by expanding operations to Mexico can help you innovate your next big thing at home!

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