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Queretaro highly skilled and highly trained workforce

The state of Querétaro is a crucial part of the El Bajio Manufacturing region in central Mexico.
Querétaro’s main manufacturing industries include: automotive assembly, auto parts, aerospace, and household appliance manufacturing.

In 2017, Querétaro registered a dedicated manufacturing workforce over 176,000 people for the 1,300+ companies operating in the region. Its central location allows access to over 45 million people within a 350-kilometer radius. Known for labor stability, Querétaro has had zero industrial strikes in the last 20 years.

Quick Stats for Querétaro’s Manufacturing Industries

Querétaro’s automotive assembly and auto parts manufacturing sectors is robust, mature and growing. Three of the five main heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers in the El Bajio Region are in Querétaro, including MAN who assembles autobuses, trucks and tractor trailers at their factory in the state.

Querétaro is the 8th largest state for the manufacturing of auto parts. The plastics industry in Querétaro has also increased by 50% from 2011 to 2015, benefiting from the explosion of auto parts manufacturing.

Querétaro Industrial Clusters

Querétaro Industrial Clusters

Querétaro has also become one of the most important aerospace clusters in Mexico. With foreign direct investment for the aerospace sector now reaching $990 million dollars, Querétaro’s aerospace sector is rapidly growing.

Eurocopter is expected to invest $100 million dollars by 2020 in their Querétaro plant, where they are making assemblies and sub-assemblies for helicopters and airplanes and with the ability to inspect six helicopters at one time.

A strong presence of manufacturing cluster organizations are dedicated to the promotion, support and growth in Querétaro, including:

  • Querétaro Cluster Network
  • Cluster Querétaro Medico y de Salud AC
  • Cluster Automotriz Querétaro
  • Cluster de Plasticos Querétaro
  • Cluster Vortice IT Querétaro
  • Cluster para la innovacion Logistica Querétaro

QUERÉTARO Industrial Real Estate

Querétaro has more than 45 industrial parks and zones, including two specialized aerospace industrial parks. Industrial real estate in Querétaro averages $0.40-$0.44 cost per square foot for Class A. Industrial parks often offer 1-3 months free rent, tenant improvement allowances and developer TI amortization. At the end of the 3rd quarter of 2018, over 570,000 SF of industrial space was under construction along with 3.16 million SF available.

Aeronautic University of Querétaro (UNAQ)

Infrastructure & Logistics

There are 512 kilometers of railroads operated by Kansas City Southern México & Ferromex. It is only 940 kilometers via NAFTA highways to the United States southern ports of entry, giving international manufacturers access to North American markets in the matter of days.

Like many manufacturing hubs in Mexico, Querétaro has invested heavily in the triple helix – a partnership between government, the private sector, and higher education campuses – to ensure international companies have access to a highly-skilled and technical trained workforce dedicated to their industries.

The Aeronautic University of Querétaro (UNAQ), has already graduated 5,000 students specializing in aerospace and aeronautical fields and is one of only three institutions in Mexico dedicated to the aerospace field.

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Expanding, Relocating or simply Starting a new manufacturing facility in Mexico

Expanding, Relocating or Simply Starting a New Manufacturing Facility in Mexico

Mexico’s strategic manufacturing locations offer you unparalleled benefits for your site selection; proximity, ease of doing business, cultural alignment, quality workforce, low cost labor, supply chain and logistics. 

Specialists In Establishing Manufacturing Operations In Mexico

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