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3PL E-Commerce & Warehousing in Mexico


The main advantages of using a 3PL company in Mexico for e-commerce and fulfillment are cost savings, time savings, all while benefiting from U.S. Section 321 De Minimis shipment regulations that allow you to ship goods in and out of Mexico without paying duties. U.S. Section 321 De Minimis shipments are duty-free up to $800 dollars PER customer. That means each one of your e-commerce customers can order up to $800 dollars of your products that are warehoused in a Mexico fulfillment center without incurring duties to ship them to the United States. Working with a 3PL fulfillment center in Mexico is ideal for any goods that are heavy on duties or tariffs, as well as items like apparel and shoes.

Working with a 3PL warehouse for raw materials is ideal for companies or manufacturers already established in Tijuana, manufacturers looking to keep warehousing/inventory separate from production facilities, and IMMEX companies. A third-party warehouse can represent major cost savings for warehousing, overhead, labor, and staff to manage raw material inventory as 3PL companies only charge you for the space you need and can be flexible based on your inventory needs.

How Can CPI Can Help with your 3PL Fulfillment Center Needs?

Co-Production International is a shelter company service provider who helps manufacturers establish operations in Mexico. Whether or not you are already an IMMEX company or are looking to save money on warehousing your raw materials, or for e-commerce companies looking to outsource fulfillment, CPI’s warehouses, customs brokers, and partners are already in place to set your company up with 3PL services in Mexico quickly, efficiently, and for less cost than going at it alone.

For online retailers and e-commerce stores, the traditional business model of having all your operations in-house is not always productive or cost-effective. By using CPI for your 3PL and e-fulfillment needs you can focus on marketing and growth while CPI does the heavy lifting with warehousing, inventory management, order fulfillment and distribution.


What are third party logistics (3PL) companies?

Third party logistics (3PL) companies allow you to outsource operational logistics, warehousing, picking, packing, order fulfillment, shipping, and reverse logistics (returns) to a third-party provider. There are two main types of 3PL services: raw materials warehousing for manufacturers (supply warehouse) and 3PL fulfillment centers dedicated to order fulfillment of finished or consumer goods primarily for online retailers (B2C).

In the case of 3PL logistics for manufacturers, outsourcing supply warehousing to a 3PL services company is a cost saving strategy that frees up production space by reducing warehousing needs at more expensive industrial sites, as well as reducing overhead costs such as staffing. Sometimes this is called third party warehouse management.

Using a full service 3PL company for e-commerce and online retailers, also called 3PL e-commerce fulfillment or a 3PL distribution services, is also used as a cost saving strategy. Third party logistics warehouses are designed to maximize speed and efficiency, minimize or eliminate the need for investing in warehousing space or your own staff, and in many cases can often reduce your shipping costs and delivery times.

Co-Production International offers 3PL logistics services to retailers and e-commerce businesses on the U.S.-Mexico border allowing your company to take advantage of the affordable labor rates, lower cost warehousing space in Mexico, duty-free options for online retailers, and proximity to the United States.

What does a third-party logistics company do?

What does a third-party logistics company do?

In the case of e-commerce fulfillment centers, your products are shipped to the 3PL warehouse, entered into inventory and warehoused. Orders via your e-commerce platforms are sent directly to the 3PL warehouse or for picking, packing, and fulfillment.

Orders are shipped directly to your customers often on the same day as they order and your e-commerce platforms are electronically updated every step of the way. When using 3PL distribution services in Mexico, your customer’s orders cross the border if received before the cutoff time and then received by the 3PL warehouse on the U.S. side or delivered directly to your carriers of choice such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL. Additionally, as your 3PL provider, returns (reverse logistics) can also be provided.




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