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Ciudad Juarez: The Birthplace of Maquiladoras

Ciudad Juarez is the birthplace of the Mexican maquiladoras and when coupled with El Paso, is the largest bi-national metropolitan region known as the Borderplex. A robust, mature housing top manufacturing industries, Juarez is the 7th largest manufacturing hub in all of North America.

Ciudad Juarez: Manufacturing Experience

In 1965 after the abolishment of the United States Bracero Program for temporary farm labor, the Mexican maquiladora industry was born in Ciudad Juarez. Located just south of El Paso, Texas, the Mexican government sought to tackle unemployment in the communities along the border. Shelter companies in Ciudad Juarez were also born with the Maquiladora Program. 

Of the over 331 manufacturing companies in Ciudad Juarez, 63% are owned by companies from the United States. Japanese companies own 8%, and German companies 7%. Other companies hail from China, France, South Korea, Malaysia, Sweden, and Taiwan. 

Industrial Real Estate

Ciudad Juarez boasts more than 40 modern industrial parks throughout the city. With plentiful Class A, B & C industrial space, Ciudad Juarez averages $0.38-$0.41 cost per square foot for Class A.

Industrial parks often offer 1-2 months free rent, tenant improvement allowances and low developer TI amortization. At the end of the 3rd quarter of 2018, over half a million industrial space was under construction along with 1.82 million SF available. 

Infrastructure and Logistics

Strategically and centrally located, Ciudad Juarez has three commercial ports of entry (two in El Paso and one in New Mexico) featuring the dedicated truck lane known as FAST (Free and Secure Trade) Lane.

As a border city, manufacturers have access to the major NAFTA/USMCA transportation arteries of U.S. Interstates 10 and 25, and the Pan-American Highway in Mexico. Rail service to the region is provided by three major rail lines; Union-Pacific and Burlington Northern-Santa Fe (U.S.) and Ferromex (Mexico).

International air transportation is provided by international airports in Ciudad Juarez and El Paso, with EL Paso offering more than 70 flights a day. The El Paso International Airport also boasts the largest and most modern airfreight center on the U.S./Mexico border with over 300,000 SF available for cargo shipments.

The Delphi Aptiv Mexico Technical Center in Ciudad Juarez is the largest of its kind in the world. Home to over 1,900 engineers focused on automotive engineering design, research and development, quality assurance and testing of Aptiv systems.

Interview - Import-Export Manufacturing in Mexico

Interview: Import-Export Manufacturing in Mexico

"Many people would have you believe that doing business with Mexico is difficult, but that is just not the case.”

A Conversation with EDUARDO ACOSTA Vice President, RL Jones, Customhouse Brokers, Inc.

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