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Establish a World-Class Call Center in Mexico

Call Center Outsourcing Services

Call Center Outsourcing Services

We understand how important it is for global companies like yours to provide optimal customer service to existing clients and vendors alike, as well as streamlining inter-departmental communication and collaboration within your diverse order and delivery channels.

We can help you establish a World-Class Call Center in Mexico without legal exposure and minimal capital investment, while keeping full control of your operation and quality. Our knowledge of the Mexican market, as well as our legal framework, infrastructure, professional staff, and proven track record of excellence will ensure that you get your Mexican Call Center up and running quickly.

How To Set Up a Call Center in Mexico

Understanding the laws to be in compliance with Mexican regulations can be costly, time-consuming, and can have a major long-term impact if not navigated correctly. Let us take care of everything!

CPI will be financially and legally responsible for all Mexican regulations, employees and taxes. Also, CPI’s management team will take care of all administrative tasks and functions, form scouting the best location for your Mexican Call Center and obtaining permits, to assisting with buildout and improvements.

Key Advantages of a Mexican Call Center
  • Reduce Call Center Agent Cost! Globally-Competitive Hourly Rates
  • Fluently Bilingual, Bicultural, and Well-Trained Professional Workforce
  • Talent Management: Recruitment & Payroll Processing
  • World-Class Infrastructure
  • Convenient Proximity to the U.S. Border with Strategic Locations in Mexico
  • Doing Business in Mexico is Handled by CPI
  • No Legal Liability in Mexico
Call Center Experience in Key Industries
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • IT Services
  • BPO

CPI’s Expertise in Call Center Processes

Co-Production International has years of experience with the many unique challenges that global companies face and we understand that your call center is a critical communications hub for your business.

Expanding or Outsourcing your call center to us ensures that you engage with customers and suppliers in a seamless manner because you will have complete control of procedures, protocols, training, and management functions for your day-to-day Call Center Operation in Mexico.

  • Customer Service
  • Sales/Lead Generation
  • Technical Support & Repairs
  • Product-Related Troubleshooting
  • Product/Service Inquiries
  • Order Management & Fulfillment
  • Cancellation Requests
  • Call Overflow
  • Warranty Support
  • Emergency/Disaster Response
  • Employee Attendance Hotlines
  • 24/7After-Hours Service

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Let's talk about your Call Center needs and the advantages Mexico offers to optimize and expand your team.
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Having your own Manufacturing Center vs. using a Mexico Shelter

Having your own Manufacturing Center vs. using a Mexico Shelter

A Comparison to Standalone Operation in Mexico. There are several options for the legal and corporate set up of your new manufacturing operation in Mexico.

Specialists In Establishing Manufacturing Operations In Mexico

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