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Upcoming Webinar for Companies Seeking to Start Manufacturing in Mexico

Upcoming Webinar for Companies Seeking to Start Manufacturing in Mexico

Co-Production International (CPI) announces new upcoming webinar for manufacturers seeking to start manufacturing in Mexico called, “Breaking Free from China.”

The webinar will be held virtually via Zoom on April 8, 2021 at 10am PDT. CPI’s expert panel includes Jim Gitney CEO of Group 50, Abner Hinojo SVP and Global Relationship Manager for HSBC, and Veronica Contreras, VP of 1200Business Development for CPI.

They want to know how to get out. Every day we are fielding calls from manufacturers with facilities in China. For two years overseas supply chains are struggling to remain resilient, and the costs from U.S. tariffs and transportation delays have become too much to bear. By assembling this panel of experts, attendees will get the solutions they are looking for; from mitigating supply chain disruptions and reshoring to Mexico to how to finance an operation and get started in Mexico,” said Denisse Martinez, Marketing Director for CPI.

In addition to woes and cost increases at overseas operations, many manufacturers have lost control over their products at contract manufacturing facilities in China. Panelist Jim Gitney will advise attendees on the lost art of manufacturing their products, how to get back to the roots of who they are, and what they do best: manufacturing.

JIT Nearshoring and regaining manufacturing expertise should be an essential part of every manufacturing company’s strategic plans so that they can better serve their customers”. While that may increase product cost and capital requirements, future lost sales will far outweigh that,” Gitney remarked.

After learning from Gitney about reconnecting with your manufacturing processes and Hinojo for how to finance your move to Mexico, CPI’s Contreras will give attendees the proven strategies for getting started in Mexico. CPI offers a Shelter Services Program that allows manufacturers to get started in Mexico quickly and with less costs than going at it alone.

“We at HSBC are positioned to assist companies overcome obstacles and manage risk globally. HSBC is one of the few banks that can support them expand into Mexico,” said Hinojo. As a panelist, Hinojo will address how to finance their new operation in Mexico and HSBC’s Global Coverage Model. He will also present a case study to show how it can be done successfully.

“With CPI you skip the learning curve. For the last 40 years we have established over 200 manufacturing companies in Mexico. We have the know-how and the know-who to make your expansion into Mexico successful and we can’t wait to show you how,” said Contreras.

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