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A Workweek in Mexico: Shifts, Costs and Labor in Maquiladoras

A Workweek in Mexico: Shifts, Costs and Labor in Maquiladoras

What are the typical shifts in Mexico?

The work week in Mexico at a maquiladora is six days a week, typically Monday to Saturday. Compared to the United States, the addition of the sixth workday means increased productivity each week. Shifts can also be spread through Monday to Friday scheme by increasing daily work hours and still reach 48 hours per week for the day shift. Shifts are most commonly divided up like this:

work week in mexico

Workers on a Monday through Saturday shift are generally given at least one half-hour break for meals, sometimes more depending on company policy and culture. Workers on a Monday through Friday shift schedule are commonly given up to two additional fifteen-minute breaks for working a longer shift. 

What is a typical salary for manufacturing labor in Mexico?

The typical average wage in mexico for entry-level assembly operator is $2.50 USD/hour (fully burdened). Managers and supervisors are paid commiserate with experience and company policy.


Are Mexican workers eligible for overtime and holiday work?

Yes. Overtime is permitted for a period of three hours per day without exceeding 9 hours per week, and with a compensation of 100% over the regular hourly pay. If overtime exceeds 9 hours, compensation is 200% over the regular hourly pay. Employees who work on Sunday are entitled to a 25% bonus over their daily salary.


Mexican Federal Holidays

If an employee is required to work on a holiday they receive a compensation of 200% over their regular daily pay.

  • January 1st - New Year
  • February 5th - Constitution Day (Moved to the first Monday of February)
  • March 21st - Benito Juarez Day/President’s Day (Moved to the third Monday of March)
  • May 1st - Labor Day
  • September 16th - Independence Day
  • November 20th - Revolution Day (Moved to the third Monday of November)
  • December 1st - Presidential Election year (every 6 years)
  • December 25th - Christmas Day
  • Holy Thursday and Good Friday are not federal holidays, but it is common for a lot of employers to give Friday or both off


What are some of the benefits employers offer employees as a part of their hiring package?

Mexican law requires the following benefits to be supplied by the employer. When you use CPI’s Shelter Services in Mexico, these costs and their management is handled by CPI’s Administrative and HR Team. Outside of mandatory benefits, our retention strategies include benefits like transportation or transportation bonuses.

mexican worker benefits 01


How does CPI work with its clients for talent recruitment/HR management?

When you work under CPI’s Shelter Company Program, talent recruitment and HR are included in your contact. CPI assesses the clients’ needs/company culture to develop a recruitment strategy that includes defining the positions, compensation and salary package, benefits required by law, motivational and incentive programs.

Our recruitment campaigns often include advertisement (online and in the field), recruitment booths at strategic locations, and for large hiring drives we may hold special events and mixers. CPI has its own recruitment website and on field recruitment team. We handle the selection process; job offer and on boarding.

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