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Co-Production International Awarded Safe Company Certification in Mexico

Co-Production International Awarded Safe Company Certification in Mexico

Co-Production International was just awarded the Empresa Segura Certification from the state government of Baja California, Mexico.

CPI is the first shelter company in the state to receive this valuable certification. Empresa Segura means Safe Company in Spanish and is obtained by meeting the requirements for occupational health and safety (PASST) through a self-managed program that is then certified by the Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS by its acronym in Spanish).

To meet the requirements to qualify for the Empresa Segura certification, CPI had to comply with rules and laws for occupational health and safety, ensure safety and well-being of employees and workers. This includes international and national best practices to reduce workplace accidents, occupation-related illnesses, and promotion of a culture of prevention among workers. Certification also means the continued compliance with these regulations.

“CPI is proud to be the first Shelter Company in the state of Baja California, Mexico to receive the Empresa Segura Certification. This certification formally validates our workplace values and commitment to the health and safety of our employees and our client’s employees,” said Ruben Reyna Contreras, CPI’s EHS & Legal Manager.

The Empresa Segura Certification applies to CPI’s corporate offices with the opportunity to add manufacturing client’s maquiladoras in Mexico that operate under CPI’s Maquiladora Shelter Program when they meet the same requirements. By obtaining this initial certification, clients and employees alike can be confident that by working with CPI we can guarantee, with their continuous and unconditional support, compliance with the applicable health and safety requirements of the Empresa Segura program. The Empresa Segura Certification also minimizes or eliminates intrusive visits or inspections from authorities and subsequent fines for non-compliance by continuing to comply with certification program rules.

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