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CEO Roman Caso Espinosa Third Term President of CANIETI Northwest

CEO Roman Caso Espinosa Third Term President of CANIETI Northwest

Co-Production International (CPI) CEO and President, Lic. Roman Caso Espinosa, was sworn in for a third term as President of the Northwest chapter of the National Chamber of the Electronics, Telecommunications, and IT Industry.

An important regional business chamber in support of manufacturing in Mexico, Caso Espinosa’s reaffirmation of President speaks to a bright future for border maquiladoras, manufacturers, and suppliers.

“I would like to congratulate Lic. Roman Caso Espinosa and all of his team and board of directors, for your valuable performance for this period at the head of this important organization. There is no better recognition for his work than the ratification of leadership now for the third year,” said Lic. Gabriel Camarena Salinas, Secretary of Economic Development for City Council of Tijuana, before introducing Mr. Roman Caso Espinosa at the swearing-in ceremony that took place on March 23, 2021.

The virtual swearing-in ceremony was attended by functionaries of the Tijuana government, Baja California state government, and members of local and national CANIETI chapters. CPI recognizes Mr. Caso Espinosa’s achievements not only as CEO of CPI but for the manufacturing industries as a whole during a difficult 2020 cycle during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

“We always mention that there are historical events that set the tone for a transformation. Well, colleagues, that is what has just happened to us, that is what we have just lived through, and survived. That is why I believe that we come out of this stronger than we went in. More mature, more knowledgeable of our environment, and now we are more capable of continuing with the economic engine that is ours to lead. Hand in hand with our colleagues in the public sector, and hand in hand with society and with our employees, [we can] correctly lead our region to economic recovery as quickly as possible, but sustainably,” remarked Caso Espinosa at the swearing-in ceremony.

Secretary Camarena Salinas noted that though there were dramatic reductions in land crossings, tourism, and medical tourism for Tijuana, Baja California during the pandemic-heavy 2020, there were also great achievements over 2019. Camarena Salinas highlighted a 19% increase in investment over 2019 as well as a 2.9% increase in new business registrations in the manufacturing mega-hub of Tijuana. This is nothing to balk at while the world dealt with a changing way of interacting, new health and safety protocols for in-person employment and gatherings, and so many aspects of business at a standstill for a large part of 2020.

“Mr. Caso Espinosa is an integral part of the success and innovation at CPI and the Mexico manufacturing community as a whole,” said Denisse Martinez, Director of Marketing for CPI, adding, “his leadership and ability to build teams internally at CPI as well as in the private and public sector in his role as CANIETI Northwest President, is an affirmation of his dedication and vision to see a sustainable and successful way forward despite global challenges.”

On behalf of all of us, CPI would like to congratulate and give thanks to Mr. Caso Espinosa on his third term and for all that continues to accomplish for the manufacturing industries and members of CANIETI Northwest.


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