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Manufacture and Investment: Convention of the Maquiladora Industry and Export in Tijuana

There are more than 14 foreign investments that starts in the first quarter of 2016 are between an expansions and a new businesses status. In 2030,according to global demographics, about 3 billion consumers in emerging economies will enter the middle class. This statistic alone is extremely important for the area, as we currently contribute 65% of the country's exports.

This growth will demand anticipation for reuse, the use of resources and creation of new alternatives for their conservation. This industrial system, which is regenerative on material, energy and labor aspects, is known as Circular Economy, which changes the focus from available resources to one of resources restoration.

This diversification area competitiveness, quality, cost factors and growth-share of products, define our entry into this new market, itis important for the region that exportations remain with the industry as it has been so far. A few days ago we announced that the 43th edition of the National Convention of the Maquiladora Industry and Export will be held in this city, incoordination with the State and Municipal Government and Index Mexicali. This is the first time in the 50 years of the industry that base of the Conventionis here in the State, and what better than this city to shelter more than 800 conventioneers for the event.

There are several targets to host, one of them is transmit the country, three levels of government, educational institutions and investors that this area is at the forefront in the sector and is a benchmark of quality, talented staff and growth.

Bring this event, which will take place in November, has been a great achievement; I believe that what comes after it is the beginning of a new era for the Coast Zone. If we put in context that the state has the highest number of IMMEX establishments in the country and the second in job creation; we will draw California’s, several states of Mexico and other countries attention to ourstate.

We invited local industry, our consultants, restaurateurs, hotels, businessin general and educational sector to join this area. Aside from bringing asignificant economic benefit to the city and state, this helps us confirm ourvocation and contextual intelligence that this state has. Contextual intelligence refers to how a sector understands its knowledge limitation and how the sector plays a role understanding what makes it strong. We are strong for tax conditions, the added value we offer, the capacity of individuals, qualified advisers and adaptation of everyone in the value chain and market.
2016 will be a great year.

Source: Index Tijuana
By: Luis Manuel Hernandez G.

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