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Mexico Manufacturing Expert Co-Production International Announces New Consultant Services for the Japanese Maquiladora Association

Mexico Manufacturing Expert Co-Production International Announces New Consultant Services for the Japanese Maquiladora Association

Co-Production International (CPI) has announced a new consultancy agreement with the Japanese Maquiladora Association (JMA) based out of San Diego, California. CPI is a Shelter Company for manufacturing in Mexico and administrative services provider for manufacturers with offices in San Diego, California and Tijuana, Tecate, Mexicali and Guadalajara, Mexico. Akira Osuga, Vice President of Business Planning and Japanese Marketing for CPI is heading the Mexico manufacturing consulting services with the JMA.

The new consultancy agreement will give JMA manufacturing members access to Osuga and CPI’s decades long history in nearshore manufacturing in Mexico, strategic partnerships, and expert teams dedicated to trade, import and export regulations, environmental health and safety, industrial real estate and site selection, along with manufacturing labor and fiscal issues.

“CPI has placed their trust in me to develop expert manufacturing consulting services and advice for manufacturers operating or interested in operating in Mexico as a part of this new relationship with the JMA. The goal at CPI is to match our service offerings with the client’s needs. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to manufacturing. It is an honor to provide these services to the JMA and its members,” said Osuga of the new agreement.

In addition to providing consulting services, Osuga will also act as Secretary General of the JMA. As the Secretary General, Osuga will take on the responsibilities for monthly board meetings, bimonthly regular meetings, announcements of important notices from major authorities affecting manufacturing in Mexico, data collection, event organizing, media outreach and responding to JMA member requests and needs.

The JMA began as the Tijuana Maquiladora Japan Club in 1986 as a place for the mutual information exchange for Japanese companies manufacturing in Mexico. With the large United States market to the north the number of companies participating continues to grow. In 1997, the Tijuana Maquiladora Japan Club became a non-profit organization and was renamed the Japanese Maquiladora Association. The JMA is also an honorable member of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Mexico which boasts over 500 member manufacturing companies from all over Mexico.

CPI has helped establish over 200 manufacturing companies in Mexico under their Shelter Maquiladora Program that allows those to the region to get up and running quickly. CPI handles the complete set up of manufacturing facilities, site selection, Mexico cost analysis, legal framework, talent recruitment, payroll, import/export, EH&S, amongst other administrative services.

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