• Conesys success story Manufacturing in Mexico "There are many benefits to establish operations in Mexico such as the low cost of labor" - Andres Murillo, Plant Manager, Conesys.
  • Aerospace and Medical device manufactures are pleased to welcome Barry Avenue Plating to Baja California "Our infrastructure in Tijuana is world-class and we have had no problem finding highly skilled workers" - Cruz Maldonado VP of Operations, Barry Avenue.
  • Expanding to Mexico positioned TODCO closer to our customer base in Mexico and Southern California, states "We chose Co-Production because they paid attention to detail and understood our needs" - Jim Frazzini, TODCO'S V.P. of Operations.
  • We have seen an increase in our business and see tremendous growth opportunity coming from existing customers and from other locations including the West Coast "We have seen an increase and tremendous business growthopportunity" - Joe Prior, MRG's President.


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You will be presented to Mexico’s first class manufacturing operations in action and the benefits they represent to your company plus experience first-hand access to Mexico’s workforce, productivity and their commitment to quality standards and certifications.
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Expansion assessment and comprehensive cost analysis.
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We invite you to complete this form to instantly receive an estimated labor cost comparison. We will also develop, upon request, a comprehensive cost analysis that includes labor cost, overhead costs and other costs associated with doing business in Mexico. This analysis will be a key factor in your decision making process.
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Mexico remains the Top Choice!
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It's not only the globally competitive labor rates that has positioned Mexico as the preferred nearshore destination, but also its vicinity to the North American market which translates into lower inventory and freight costs; improved speed-to-market and better cultural alignment with managers.
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Mexico Expertise in a Variety of Industries

The entire California and Baja California is known as the CaliBaja Mega Region with the manufacturing hub of Tijuana boasting an over 50 year-old history in manufacturing activities.

At its inception, the draw for foreign manufacturers was its low-cost labor rates, today the manufacturing landscape is much different; Mexico has attracted global corporations from the manufacturing sector that go far beyond simple assembly. It is now common to find companies that design, develop and manufacture some of the most complex products in the marketplace for a variety of industries.

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Our role is to facilitate the successful expansion of manufacturing operations into Mexico. We handle the complete set-up of the new company and manage the day-to-day administrative duties in accordance with Mexican regulations allowing the client to focus 100% on high quality manufacturing. With over 35-years of combined experience our management team has successfully established over 200 companies in Mexico ... expanding their global footprint while ensuring their competitive advantage.

LATEST NEWS - Mexico Manufacturing Highlights

The Election, The Presidency and Foreign Policy
16 Nov 2016 00:09 Geopolitical: The Election, the presidency and Foreign Policy

The American presidency is designed to disappoint. Each candidate must promise things that are beyond his power to deliver. No candidate could expect to be elected by emphasizing how little power the office actually has and how voters should therefore expect little from him. So candidates promise great, transformative programs. What the winner actually can deliver depends upon what other institutions, nations and reality will allow him. Though the gap between promises and realities destroys immodest candidates, from the founding fathers' point of view, it protects the republic. They distrusted government in general and the office of the president in particular.

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Canada Invests in Clean Technology in Mexico and in Chile to Reduce Pollution for a Cleaner World
15 Nov 2016 17:32 Canada-Mexico Clean Technology

Mar, Morocco, Nov. 14, 2016 (Canada NewsWire via COMTEX) -- Climate change is a global problem that requires a global solution. Canada is committed to reducing climate-harming pollutants at home and around the world. Today, Canada's Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, announced that Canada will contribute $14 million to reduce short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs), like methane, through partnerships with Mexico and Chile.This collaborative work will create a cleaner environment for everyone, from Mexicans and Chileans to Canadians and their families, who share this global environment.

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Co-Production International Awarded for Achievement in International Business by Otay Mesa Chamber o...
31 Oct 2016 17:51 International Business Award for Manufacturing in Mexico

The Otay Mesa Chamber of Commerce recognized Co-Production International (CPI) with the award for Achievement in International Business at their annual ceremony last week. As a nearly 30-year-old business organization, the Otay Mesa Chamber of Commerce hosts an annual dinner and awards ceremony to recognize companies and their contributions to the region. This award highlights CPI’s decades of work in the region and for manufacturing in Mexico which has translated to thousands of jobs and a stronger economy for both sides of the border.

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Trump's Border Bluster and Anti-NAFTA Rhetoric Aren't Spooking Manufacturers in Tijuana
27 Oct 2016 18:14 Manufacturing in the Border - NAFTA

TIJUANA—Looking out the window of his seventh floor office at the rolling expanse of houses, highways and factories, Mexican business consultant Fernando Arjona watches the endless stream of trucks heading towards the U.S. border. It’s part of the fleet of 3,000 trucks that cross from Tijuana into San Diego every day, ferrying billions of dollars in Mexican exports. The area around Arjona’s office is packed with factory buildings the size of football fields, part of a massive complex known as Industrial City. It’s home to a growing number of major manufacturing companies in Tijuana and continues to attract a new wave of investment following the 2008 recession caused by the U.S. financial crisis. “We haven’t seen a boom like this since 2007. We’re at 2% vacancy,” Arjona tells me.

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Due to High Demand Co-Production International Announces New Date for Its Baja Manufacturing Tour Th...
21 Oct 2016 22:36 Manufacturing in Mexico

Co-Production International (CPI) announces a new date for its Baja Industrial Tour this coming November 30th as Mexico's manufacturing industry continues to grow. This announcement has US companies keen on the Mexico manufacturing sector's growth and contribution to export statistics. CPI's third quarter tour comes at a timely moment and aims to give US firms first-hand access to the benefits of manufacturing in Mexico.

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It's Small Cars, Not Auto Jobs, Making the Big U.S. Move to Mexico
21 Oct 2016 19:50 Mexico Production - Automotive Manufacturing

U.S. auto employment, including parts makers, has risen 50 percent, to about 925,000, since the aftermath of the 2008 recession. Before Donald Trump takes to the debate stage Wednesday night for one last chance to prove U.S. trade policy is letting Mexico steal Michigan and Ohio's auto jobs, he might want to do some research on manufacturing trends in the global auto industry. Mexico's biggest and fastest-growing carmakers aren't American brands like Ford and General Motors' Chevy. The biggest Mexican carmaker is Nissan, and the newest plants belong to Audi and Kia, with big BMW and Toyota plants in the pipeline.

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